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Yep, that's right - I now have a blog! This is where you can find all of my newest articles (so you don't have to search around!) Also, the blog allows me to go into a bit more detail than my introductory articles, so if you've been focussing on personal development for a while this has got to be for you! Just remember to subscribe!!

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Introductory Articles

These articles are designed to give you a flavour of what Personal Development Planet is all about. If you're new to personal growth, or you want to recap the basics, start here.

Why Get Into Personal Development?

Define Personal Development

Get Your Swagger Back

Move Slowly: The Entire Meal is in the First Bite

Media Influence

Think Rich

Goal Setting Articles

We all know we're meant to set goals, but the whole process tends to be a little... dry. Never fear - I've written some fun articles that help to make the goal setting process exhilarating and even life-changing, so if you're currently trying to figure out which direction to take your life, this is a good place to look.

Why Is Goal Setting Important?

Define Your Own Personal Values

Goal Setting Activity - Set Your Goals Here

Free 25 page Goal Setting and Values Workbook

Financial Goal Setting

Visualisation Articles

I can't get enough of visualisation. Somehow, whatever I visualise tends to come true. Find out how to visualise, and understand some of the explanations for it with this series of articles. Highly recommended!

What Is Creative Visualisation?

The Power Of Creative Visualisation

How To Visualise - Step By Step Guide

Advanced Visualisation Exercises

Binaural Beats

Belief Articles

I fully believe that our beliefs shape our reality i.e. you get whatever you believe you can. To take advantage of this crazy system, you obviously have to change your beliefs. These articles show you how to do this...

Boost your Self Esteem in 3 not so easy but Attainable Steps

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others - It's Pointless!

Spirituality Articles

It's a bit unusual for a 25 year old London boy to take up a profound interest in spirituality; however since I started to look for answers to life's biggest questions, my levels of happiness and inner peace have dramatically improved. I expect if you take a walk down the spiritual path, you will feel the same. Start your journey here with my tongue-in-cheek guide to spirituality.

What Is Spirituality?

Enlightened Spirituality

Being Present


Thought Vibration

How To Be Happy - Part One

How To Be Happy - Part Two

Master Your Mind Habits

Dealing With Negative People

Yoga for Beginners

Meditation Articles

Learning how to meditate has made me a calmer, relaxed and more thoughtful person. It's bloody fun to do to! Learn more about meditating here, and about Binaural Beats - which enable you to meditate deeply without any skill or practice at all!

The Benefits of Meditation

Binaural Beats

Meditation Motivation

Lucid Dreaming Articles

Lucid Dreaming is the ability to "wake up" in your dreams, realise you are dreaming, and then create any dreams you like! Needless to say, this is both a fun and powerful experience. Learn how to have lucid dreams tonight by reading this guest article from an absolute pro!

How to Have Lucid Dreams

Law of Attraction Articles

Few topics polarise opinion in personal development circles as much as the Law of Attraction. Does it really work? Can you really think your way to a better life? Find out about my experiences here.

Law Of Attraction For Beginners

Law of Attraction & Manifestation - Top 5 Tips

Law of Attraction and Money - A Manifesto

NLP Articles

NLP consists of some powerful techniques that can bring about near-instant change in a person. I'm a qualified practitioner of NLP, and in my NLP articles I share the most effective exercises in an easy-to-understand manner... so you can get NLP-ing today!

What Is The NLP Secret? (An Introduction To NLP)

What Is The NLP Swish Pattern?

How To Do The NLP Swish Pattern

NLP Anchors

NLP Anchoring: Real Life Case Study

Chaining Anchors

Collapsing Anchors

NLP Rapport and Body Language

What Are NLP Submodalities?

How NLP Submodalities Work in Real Life

Get Your Swagger Back - How To Have Motivation & Self Belief On Demand

Money Articles

We all have a desire for more security in our lives, and attracting an abundance of money is key to this. In this series of articles I delve into the psychology of earning money, and realise that most rich people tend to think about cash in the same way. Surprisingly, since I adopted these thoughts and beliefs, I've more than doubled my income whilst working half the time... crazy but true... Find out how you can attract more money with these articles.

How To Think Rich & Stop Worrying About Money

Getting a Pay Rise During a Recession

Law of Attraction and Money

Financial Goal Setting

Productivity Articles

We all know we need to be more productive. What we don't often know is how to go about it. In this series of articles, I explore how everyone can be more productive in their day to day lives - and share some techniques that helped me change from a life of procrastination to a life of motivation!

How To Be Productive

The 80 20 Rule

Guest Articles

Breaking news: I don't have all the answers. Luckily, some of my friends from around the globe do. If I find a writer who is an expert in the field of personal development, I ask them to write an exclusive article for you - the wonderful fans of Personal Development Planet. Check out these rising stars today.

How to Have Lucid Dreams Tonight

Edward De Bono and Possibility Thinking

How to Use Self-Hypnosis for Fun & Health

Yoga for Beginners

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