What is the NLP Secret?

Can I Use NLP Without Being An Expert?

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A lot of people have heard of NLP and the NLP Secret. (PS - this is a detailed intro to NLP, with loads of free "how to" articles. If you want the NLP Secret program, click here. )

A lot of people have also heard that NLP is a powerful discipline with the potential to make significant changes in your life.

The problem is, NLP is quite dry and technical and can be quite difficult to understand.

If you have spent time looking on the net for an easy-to-understand analysis of NLP and the NLP Secrets, you have probably been disappointed.

The good news is that NLP can be used by ALL kinds of people, in ALL kinds of circumstances. Whether you want to feel happier or more motivated or change a limiting belief, NLP can hook you up. My aim is to show you how!

I'm a Certified Practitioner of NLP, and I have helped teach an NLP Practitioner course too.

I'm taking my Master Practitioner April - August 2010, with some of the best trainers in the world. I'll be an NLP trainer within a year.

Here's a list of all my NLP articles - and if you keep scolling down you'll find an introductory article which will give you an idea of the NLP Secret.

What Is The NLP Swish Pattern? Learn all about this exciting technique here, which allows you to replace self-limiting behaviour with a chosen, desired response. Use it to get to the gym more, eat better and have more confidence with public speaking - and a million other things too.

How To Do An NLP Swish Pattern. If you've tried to find out how to do a Swish Pattern before online, you've probably been disappointed - it's a very difficult technique to describe! I have put together a Layman's guide to Swish Patterns - using examples and easy-to-follow instructions - which should fix this problem for you. Learn here exactly how to use the Swish Pattern to change your behaviour for the better.

NLP Anchors. Anchoring allows you to link a certain emotional response (i.e. motivation, confidence or happiness) to a specific trigger (such as rubbing two fingers together). This is an amazingly quick technique to use, and is remarkably effective. Learn more about anchoring - and how to do it - here.

NLP Anchoring: An Echo of Past Successes. Learn about a real life example of how I used NLP Anchoring to deal with pre-meeting nerves before a sales call. Find out how effective it was, what I did, and what you can do in just ten minutes to make a massive impact on your own levels of success.

Chaining Anchors. Chaining Anchors is an advanced anchoring technique, and is very useful for getting in a good state that is far removed from your present state. For example, if you're procrastinating and want to feel motivated, or you're sad and want to feel happy, then chaining anchors could really help you out. It's great fun and often works like magic!

Collapsing Anchors. This is a powerful technique from NLP you can use to get rid of negative feelings or emotions. If there’s a negative state you want to get rid of – such as anger, worry or annoyance – you can collapse the anchor and replace it with a positive emotion - such as happiness, confidence or laughter. Although it sounds complex, it's actually quite a simple technique - and only takes 10 minutes.

NLP Rapport & Body Language. If you're interested in getting on better with strangers, becoming more confident and assured, and understanding people better, this article will show you how to create rapport with anyone you meet - and how to match body language too.

What on Earth are NLP Submodalities? Learn all about the curiously named NLP Submodalities here. Find out how you can change the impact of memories easily - and make good memories stronger, and bad memories weaker. This is one of the most powerful NLP techniques out there!

How NLP Submodalities Work in Real Life. Once you've read the theory, come back to this article which shows how I helped a friend to change the impact of some bad memories using NLP Submodality techniques - and learn how you can do the same.

Get Swagger. Learn how to have self-belief and motivation on demand with this guide to getting your swagger back. Use techniques from NLP to generate feelings of success in an instant - and all you need is your imagination.

NLP Practitioner Course Notes. This is for hardcore NLPers only! This links to the first of SEVEN detailed summaries of notes from the official NLP course. If you're looking to do the Practitioner, this should make perfect pre-course reading. FYI - the notes ARE JUST NOTES! I've cleaned up the spelling etc a bit, but there is loads of raw info on everything from anchoring to phobia cures to swish to belief change to body language to milton model... and EVERYTHING inbetween! Only for the committed... and if you are, you'll find these 7 days of notes invaluable! (You can link to the other days at the bottom of the page for Day One)

Back to the NLP Secret / Intro.......
So... what is NLP?

NLP, as you probably know, stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. I will concede immediately that this is a bit of an over-the-top name, which has probably put many more people off NLP than it has attracted... but, there is a logic to it:

Neuro simply refers to the fact that all our behaviour stems from our neurological processes – i.e. what we see, feel, hear and touch.

Linguistic is because we use language to order our thoughts and behaviour. We use language to communicate with others. We also use “non-spoken” language to communicate – i.e. body language and posture.

Programming references the fact we can enter new programs into our brain – i.e. new ways of thinking or acting, new habits and new beliefs. If you are capable of learning a new skill, you can succeed with NLP. Note to sceptics – if you can tie your shoelaces, you can learn new skills.

Not too complex, ay? There’s another NLP secret for you – behind all the elaborate names are some really simple ideas.

In this case, the secret behind the NLP name is just that you use your brain and your senses to see what’s going on (neuro); you adjust your methods of talking and communicating to get better results (linguistic); and you change the way you think and act to achieve your goals (programming).

How Do You Define NLP?

nlp secret

Well, everybody seems to have their own definition as to what the NLP Secret is.

O’Connor and Seymour, in their brilliantly digestible Introducing NLP, define NLP as "the art and science of personal development".

Andreas and Faulkner, in the engaging NLP: New Technology of Achievement, prefer a broader definition. To them, NLP is "the study of human excellence". I prefer a definition which is slightly more descriptive: "NLP provides the ability to overcome the most complicated mental states with the simplest techniques".

Well, I hope that cleared that one up!! I guess the best way to put it is that NLP gives you specific tools you can use to re-program your brain and gear it for success.

There’s another NLP secret – NLP is incredibly broad in its application. This is not a bad thing – you can use NLP to improve most areas of your life.

The Key Benefits of NLP

Practicing NLP and the NLP Secrets has many benefits, which we’ll explore in greater detail in the following articles. For now, a summary of the key benefits will suffice, which should be more than enough to get you excited about the prospect of learning more.

NLP teaches you to:

Communicate more effectively. NLP shows you how to communicate with people in a language that resonates with them... which in turn allows you to create better rapport and achieve the outcomes that you want! NLP also helps you to understand what people really mean when they communicate with you. This lets you become more effective in relationships and business – and can even help you to understand the opposite sex more... which alone should entice you to read on!

Get motivated. NLP has a number of tricks and tools which help you to get more motivated. You play around a bit with your emotions and memories, which with practice allows you to choose your state of mind more effectively. If you’ve had problems staying focussed in the past, read on, as there are some really simple ways to beat the system a bit here!

nlp secret

Think positively. Nope, not in the superficial “everything will be fine if I just think positive” way – but by making a deeper, profound and lasting change to your belief systems. This is a BIG NLP Secret - because if you change your beliefs, you change your results.

This is an essential goal on your personal development journey – because as soon as you start to really see the NLP Secret that life is a fun series of challenges and puzzles, rather than a never-ending procession of problems and issues, things start to fall into place and life becomes...dare I say it... fun!

Change your behaviour. This is the P part of NLP. There are some really cool ways of integrating new ways of thinking and behaving into your sub-conscious – and if you try out some of the following exercises, you will see some rather mesmerising results. You can become more confident, procrastinate less, transform into a compelling public speaker, and see yourself as someone who deserves lots more cash – in fact, as with a lot of the content on this site, you are only really limited by your imagination.

That’s a basic summary of the benefits of NLP / NLP Secret for you. Another NLP secret – you can make some truly incredible changes to your life much quicker than by using willpower alone. This is good news, as changes made by willpower alone tend to fail.

Now, if you enjoyed reading about NLP and are curious about the NLP Secret, join my newsletter list for the latest developments in NLP!

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