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Sometimes I stumble across a writer in the field of personal development who is unconventionally awesome that I ask them to create an Exclusive Guest Article for the brilliant, sexy, kind and compassionate readers of Personal Development Planet.

These are the results... I know you'll enjoy!

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personal development planet How to Have Lucid Dreams Tonight - a guest post from Rebecca Turner, Creator of World of Lucid Dreaming.

This is a brilliant, concise article that shows you how to train your brain to have a lucid dream - tonight! Lucid dreaming is the ability to "wake up" in your dream, know you're dreaming, and then do whatever you want to do - fly, get the partner of your dreams, fight, time travel... Anything! This brilliant article helped me to have my first few lucid dreams - and I'll bet it does the same for you.

How to Use Self-Hypnosis for Fun & Health - a guest article from Steve Bauer of the magnificent How To Master NLP.com.

This is an engaging, easy-to-understand and EFFECTIVE article which introduces you to the crazy world of self-hypnosis. Not only will you find out how it works and the key benefits, but you'll also learn how to put yourself into a self-hypnosis trance today!! This really is a brilliant article for hypnosis newbies...

personal development planet Edward de Bono and Possibility Thinking - a guest post from Saleem Rana, Creator of the Science of Success Blog.

This is a fabulous discussion of one of the great revolutionary thinkers of our time - Edward de Bono. Haven't heard of him? I hadn't either, but this brilliant article navigates his leading "Six Hats" theory, comparing and contrasting with the teachings of Plato and Aristotle. This is a must-read for anyone interested in philosophy, creative thinking and learning to use your brain more effectively.

yoga for beginners Yoga for Beginners - a guest post from Giselle Toner, Creator of Eternity-Yoga.com.

Have you ever thought about taking up yoga but been put off by the crazy contortion that you'd have to learn? If so, read this brilliant introductory article which argues that it's not too difficult at all to start a yoga practice - and you'll probably have a lot of fun doing it. Yoga is great for the body, mind and spirit - so find out what to do next from a 40 year yoga pro.

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