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As you can probably imagine, I've read hundreds of personal development and self growth books.

Some are genuinely transformative and life-altering; some are bloody hyped-up gibberish.

My aim here is simple: to write brief (less than 1000 words), engaging and accurate reviews for my favourite self growth books, to help you decide whether they would be a valuable addition to your collection.

Full disclosure: If you do choose to purchase a book from Amazon after reading my review, I'll earn a few pennies as a commission. This helps me to continue building Personal Development Planet, so hopefully you're cool with that! As you'll see from the reviews, I'm not trying to sell anything that won't be right for you.

Without any further ado, let's delve in to my favourite self growth and personal development books... Simply click on the appropriate link for my full review.

Spirituality Books

The Celestine Prophecy - by James Redfield.

A fun and powerful rollercoaster of a book that incorporates spiritual teachings into a Hollywood-style narrative. A fantastic way to start your spiritual journey.

Law of Attraction Books

The Cosmic Ordering Service - by Barbel Mohr.

A short, simple and to-the-point book that shows you how to manifest with the Law of Attraction. Good for LoA beginners and aficionados, this book teaches you a deceptively simple technique in under 100 pages.

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