What is Spirituality?

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What is spirituality?

The most difficult thing about starting to write an article answering this question – and attempting to detail the profound impact developing a sense of spirituality will have on your life – is first accepting that no matter how much you have read, or experienced, it is impossible to put down the words that will do it justice.

what is spirituality

Now, I'm no raving hippy, but I've experienced enough to KNOW that there is a level of connectedness between all living things that beggars rational belief.

Here's a list of articles that try to express the benefits of becoming spiritual and learning to meditate. (If it helps, I'm just about the LEAST likely candidate to get into this stuff. Come on boys, give it a go... this is the good stuff!)

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Spirituality & Meditation Articles

enlightened spirituality

Enlightened Spirituality. Learn about my ever-so-brief glimpses of an enlightened state, and read the techniques and books you can use to generate an ineffable sense of peace, joy and compassion in your own life. Find out how deep breathing, laughter and an attention to what's going on can transport you immediately to a better place, free of pain, fear and judgement.

being present Being Present. This is a technique I was introduced to in Eckhart Tolle's wonderful book The Power of Now, which shows you how to stop the mental chatter in your brain, focus solely on the present moment, and start to take delight in the millions of "everyday" things that we tend to overlook. Perfect for people who spend their days regretting the past or worrying about the future.

acceptance Acceptance. Did you know that if you learn to accept what happens to you, and not fight against it, you can truly become happier and more fulfilled? Have you any idea of how to go about it? This article details why acceptance is such an important mindset to cultivate, and shows you how to bring acceptance into your own life, so you can start getting the benefits today.

thought vibration Thought Vibration. This wonderfully new-age / hippy sounding concept can actually have a big impact on the way you think and feel - no matter how "down to earth" you think you are. Learn about the idea of thought vibration here, and find out if you are purring out "good vibes" into the universe or not. Honestly, this one can be quite a lot of fun - with big results.

how to be happy How to Be Happy. This two part, detailed article is designed to show you how you can choose to be happy everyday, and details techniques you can implement into your routine to feel a deep and lasting sense of enjoyment, fun, peace and laughter throughout your life. Even if you're happy now, take a look and see if there's anything you can add to feel even better about everything you do.
Read Part 1. ..... Read Part 2.

mind habits
Mind Habits.
We all have periods when we are top of the world, feel confident, and have absolute faith in ourselves. Conversely, we all go through down periods where we suffer from self-doubt, fear and loneliness. There are techniques you can use to start to master your mind habits, so you can be in control more of the time. Find out about them here.

negative people Dealing With Negative People. We all know people who are miserable and negative, and make you feel worse for it. Often, these can be our friends, family and colleagues, and as such we can't just run away and ignore them. Learn strategies here for dealing with these energy thieves, and feel confident going into your next meeting with them that you have the capability to spread some of your good cheer to them!

benefits of meditation 5 Top Benefits of Meditation. This article will help you to see just how awesome it can be to meditate - even when you're not very good at it.

The benefits on body and mind are awesome. If you're interested in finding out for yourself the answer to "what is spirituality?", taking a few moments of quiet solitude will certainly help!

Go on... give it a go...

meditation motivation Get Some Meditation Motivation. Alright, this last article is designed to get you meditating, because even though you KNOW the benefits, I bet you'll still put off doing it!

As such, here's 10 tongue-in-cheek reasons why you should get up and learn to meditate. I think you'll like them! One of them is you'll sleep like this old boy on the left!

As mentioned above, when you learn to meditate you'll be able to answer "what is spirituality?" for yourself - and REALLY know what it means!

Right... back to What Is Spirituality?...

Right, where was we? Oh yeah - what is spirituality?

Well, as I look back on my own spiritual journey – which, at just over a year, is admittedly in its infancy – I am truly struck by just how far I have come as a person.

I have certainly transformed my life with a combination of all the personal development tools and methodologies you will learn about on this site – but no one concept has transformed my life as dramatically, or quickly, as developing a sense of spirituality.

The most profound book I have ever read – The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – was seemingly thrust into my life at the moment I needed it most.

I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown – depressed, distressed and thoroughly disconnected from all of the joys of life. I wasn't suicidal – but I was f*cking miserable!

Reading this book turned my life around. It is actually impossible to exaggerate the impact it had on me. Tolle gave me my first glimpse of spirituality – which I now know to be integral to developing as a person. (Before that, if somebody had asked me "what is spirituality?", I would have answered "a load of nonsense!"

As I look back at how I was just a year ago – creating problem after problem, dejected and miserable with my lot – it is hard for me to comprehend that I am actually the same person.

A deep and lasting transformation has occurred.

How Can Becoming Spiritual Help You?

By asking yourself, “what is spirituality to me?”, you will discover how to cultivate a deep acceptance and joy for life.

You will stop creating problems – and even cease to see existing problems as problems. A new degree of consciousness will emerge.

Life will begin to flow for you. You will start to enjoy it the way you know you should. Your behaviour will no longer be burdened by memories from the past, or from fear of what the future will bring.

In fact, fear of failure will soon become a distant memory. In its place will form a deep wonder and appreciation of life, of nature, of relationships.

Reaching your goals will become a fun and joyous experience – rather than the be all and end all of your life. Anxiety and depression will dissipate.

So, what is spirituality? It is access to a truly liberating sense of stillness and peace that radiates through every living thing on this planet. It is inside you now – you just have to learn how to reach it.

When you tap into this, you will become a better person – and enjoy life more.

Whilst all of the exercises on this site will help you to reach your goals and develop into a successful and happy person, none will have anywhere near the impact as learning to cultivate a sense of spirituality - and beginning to see your life from an entirely different and more meaningful perspective.

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?

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Recommended Resources

A great way to develop your sense of spirituality is by practising yoga. Yoga links the mind, body, breath and spirit together, opening up the doorway to greater spirituality. It's totally relaxing and fun too! Begin a yoga practice by visiting the brilliant Eternity-Yoga.com, which will tell you all you need to know about yoga - and show you how to do it!

Another way you can begin to explore your spiritual side is by learning a little bit about Feng Shui. I found a great little site - Lucky Feng Shui for Life & Love - which has clear and simple advice on how to create harmonious environments and improve your house energy. You will also find Feng Shui Tips for better relationships with partners and for bringing good fortune into other important aspects of your lives. This site is really worth a look if you're getting into this whole what is spirituality business!

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