Meditation Motivation

10 Tongue-in-Cheek Reasons to Start Meditating

This article is designed to give you Meditation Motivation. Meditation has numerous practical benefits – but if you still haven’t taken the plunge and begun experimenting, this article should give you a few tongue-in-cheek reasons why you should give meditation a go.

Meditation Motivation 1 – It’s a Legal Trip

Meditation can be a peaceful, quiet place of stillness – or it can be an incredible psychedelic trip.

When meditating, you will be alert to different energies and perceptions of reality, and your mind can take you to places you have never been before.

Meditating is about as much fun as you can have legally – as with practice, your brain will take you on an absolute roller-coaster ride and leave you gasping for more.

Use binaural beats for optimum psychedelic results! You can get great meditation machines and binaural beats for between $10-$30 from Unexplainable Store, powerful meditation music from Brain Sync, or even a free powerful meditation CD delivered to your door from Holosync, a company whose CEO Bill Harris is a star of The Secret. I guarantee that all of these recommendations will absolutely trip you out!

Meditation Motivation 2 – It Boosts Your Energy

Meditation is better than a power nap for a quick energy boost. If you’re too lethargic to begin meditating regularly, try it once – and with the increased energy you feel, you’ll soon be back for more. This is a bit of a Catch 22, I concede... but... just try it once.

You heard it here first... Meditation = Better than a Red Bull for a kick up the arse.

Meditation Motivation 3 – It Chills You Out

Are you easily angered or annoyed? Do you get stressed out by the small things that go wrong? Do you wish you could have more control over your moods? Are you just a miserable sod?

If so, give meditation a go. Meditation chills you out – even when you’re not good at it. Just sitting quietly, taking deep breaths and relaxing is a wonderful way to chill you out.

After a couple of weeks practice, you’ll notice that you don’t get half as wound up as before. The whole world will likely be very grateful...

Meditation Motivation 4 - Your Friends Will See You as Eccentric

There’s no faster way to get your friends to see you as a forward-thinking, deep and enigmatic character than announcing your new meditation practice.

Some may come to you for guidance on the ultimate nature of reality. Some may consider you a lunatic. Either way, it’s likely to be a talking point down the pub.

Meditation Motivation 5 – Celebs Are Doing It

That’s right – celebrities are doing it. Therefore, it must be cool.

Well, maybe not – but some pretty marvellous folks like Sting, Paul McCartney and Jessica Alba are big fans of meditation. Unfortunately, so is Madonna.

Meditation may be the next uber-cool Kabbalah. Or, it may just be a super-fast way to relax, empty your mind, and enjoy the sense of nothingness that pervades you when your mind is quiet. Give it a go and judge for yourself. And, for God’s sake, please don’t buy a Kabbalah wristband.

Meditation Motivation 6 – If you Sleep, You Have Time to Meditate

Haven’t got the time to meditate? Nonsense.

Spend 15-20 minutes meditating before you go to sleep. Not only will you sleep better, but you’ll clear your mind of all the crap you watched on TV just before you went to bed.

You’ll wake up feeling fresher too. Win /win.

Meditation Motivation 7 – You’ll Feel Happier

You’ll feel happier and more peaceful after meditating. If you’re like every other human on the planet, you want to be happier.

As such, meditation is a pretty cheap way to get the happiness you want.

Meditation Motivation 8 – It’s Free...!

The best things in life are free” – Janet Jackson.

Rumours abound that Janet was referring to meditation in this hit pop single. Of course, you can buy a meditation machine to really get the results you desire, but it’s not essential.

If you choose to go au naturel, it won’t cost you a penny. How many life-changing endeavours can say that? Maybe rock climbing, but you need a cliff in your back garden to do that every day. If you're not lucky enough to have a cliff to hand, try meditating instead.

Meditation Motivation 9 – You Can Pretend to Be Enlightened

Some of your friends will naturally assume that, after a few weeks of meditating, you are now a wise and enlightened spiritual guide.

This is a good chance to have some fun and get back at them for years of banter. Use your new “enlightened” status to really scare them a little bit by proclaiming the end of the universe is approaching – or something suitably terrifying. They may not listen – but you will likely plant seeds of doubt nonetheless.

Meditation Motivation 10 – It’s Fun

All jokes aside - meditation is really good fun. It relaxes you, quietens your mind, increases your energy, stops you from getting ill and connects you with a power that is quite extraordinary.

All of my friends who have tried it come back to me ranting about how beneficial it is. These are amongst some of the most sceptical sods on the planet. If these chaps can be converted, I’m sure that you can too.

I have just one more question for you - How much more motivation do you need....?!

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