Define Personal Development

So how do you define personal development? It’s a tricky one, and I get asked it a lot. My personal favourite definition is:

Learn to take control of your crazy brain
and start living to your potential...

Do I mean that you’re crazy? No, not at all. What I mean is – it’s crazy to go through prolonged periods of negativity, depression and suffering. It’s mad to work 50 hours a week in a job you can’t stand – all the while beating yourself up for it. It’s sheer lunacy to have low self-esteem and think the worst of yourself. It is utterly ridiculous to spend your life moping around, angry at yourself because things aren’t “perfect”.

It’s also crazy to think that the negative voice in your head is the real you.

It’s not – personal development shows you how to uncover the real you. It’s there – lurking just underneath the surface. I’m talking about learning to develop the part of you that knows you are here for a real reason. It means listening to the part of you that recognises you are here to make a difference to the world. That voice that whispers to you that you are destined to achieve great things in your life? That’s the real you.

My goal is to help you uncover the inspired, confident and successful human being that you have been hiding, for fear of standing out from the crowd, for fear of failing, for fear of “thinking too much of yourself”.

It’s not arrogant or egotistical to live to your potential. In fact, it’s practically a crime not to - cheating yourself and living in the shadows is neither honourable nor a virtue. The world isn’t exactly crying out for another person too scared to do what they love.

Define personal development for yourself –
what do you really want?

By learning to take control of your brain, by learning to define personal development for yourself, you begin to walk the lifelong path to greatness.

Making the decision to focus on personal development takes great courage. Why? Because it means analysing where you are falling short and being committed to addressing it. It means making the decision to succeed no matter what. Define personal development for yourself and go beyond your ego. Act in spite of the fear of failure. Develop a thick skin and ignore the countless people who tell you that you are mad to believe you can achieve such goals.

Defining personal development means searching deep within to uncover your true desires and deepest purpose for living. This normally involves going far further than merely uncovering goals that society has deemed suitable for you – like I want to be rich, have a big house, a nice car.

It means setting goals that speak to you at the deepest level. Proper personal development requires you to discover what inspires you more than anything else on this planet, and to formulate a plan that propels you into action. It means identifying and doing work that addresses these needs, and it means developing the confidence to chase your dreams.

Personal development will demonstrate to you the unimaginable power that the thoughts you think have on your reality. It will give you techniques to help you change your thoughts – but you have to be committed enough to implement them. You need to ask yourself – “do I really, truly want the life I desire? Will I work for it? Will I never give up – no matter what the obstacle?”

Nothing great comes to us instantly. Achieving your goals is similar to wooing a beautiful and intelligent woman – you must court her and show you are a worthy recipient before you have a chance to get her. You must keep going in spite of the inevitable set-backs you will encounter. If you persevere, and you are a true match for your goals, you will surely succeed.

Defining personal development for yourself will teach you how to live as your true self, be a better person, conquer your fears and achieve the goals that are most important to you.

It’s not easy at all. It takes bravery, perseverance and deep honesty. But, simply put, with the vast riches at stake if you succeed -

What more could you ask for?

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