How To Think Rich

And Stop Worrying About Money

think rich

If you think rich, you’re much more likely to become rich. This is the unanimous verdict from speaking to every wealthy person I know – and from my own research and experience in the field of generating wealth.

This series of articles will show you how to cultivate an abundance mentality – and teach you how to attract more money into your life. It will also demonstrate how to set and reach financial goals, and show you how to totally re-think the way you look at currency.

Whilst I’m not going to promise you millions overnight, if you apply the advice in this and the following articles you won’t worry about cash anymore, you’ll stop seeing money as the “be all and end all” of your life – and somehow you’ll almost certainly attract more cash into your life.

This is quite a long article (2000 words) – as it summarises the entire process I went through to go from being poor and miserable to thinking rich and being happy – and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth the few extra minutes.

Feel free to print it out if you haven’t got the time now. And please spread the word – I want as many people to feel like this as possible!

Poor Folk Don’t Think Rich

Generating wealth is ultimately nothing more than a subconscious conviction on your part. If you can persuade your unconscious to think rich, you will get rich. It sounds crazy, but if you can somehow convince yourself that you are wealthy, you’re in the game. The opposite is true if you believe you’re broke – it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thinking rich is obviously easier said than done. Up until as little as 6 or 7 months ago, I suffered from a poverty consciousness – I saw myself as poor. In fact, no matter how much I earned, I was always worrying about money - almost constantly.

Take a minute to see if my prior situation resonates with you: I was scared to check my bank balance – the mere thought of it sent a chilling rush of adrenaline and fear bolting straight to my gut. I never had any cash on me, and was forever trying to find an ATM or having to borrow cash. I detested paying bills, and was loathsome to give any money away. If a friend borrowed cash from me – they certainly bloody knew about it. I regularly panicked as to where the next lump of money would come from – and positively hated spending it.

In short, there was never enough cash – and money preoccupied my thoughts the vast majority of the time. Money will complete me, I wagered... if only I can get rich, I’ll be happy then...

Any of the above ringing a bell...? This is not exactly thinking rich, in my humble opinion. How many millionaires do you believe think like that?

Luckily, I reached a tipping point – I was undeniably sick of my situation. I decided to do whatever it took to a) stop worrying about money, b) get some money, and c) think rich.

My plan worked – on all three counts. This is how I did it... and best of all, it’s easy as pie. All it takes is a little motivation and a lot of imagination.

Think Rich and Save

Alright, I’ll get this one out of the way first... Just as the real secret to losing weight is to eat less and spend more time at the gym, the real secret to thinking rich – and generating wealth – is to spend less and save more in the bank.

Boring, I know, but utterly necessary. Having the discipline to put money away every month is the key to cracking how to think rich. There are few things more rewarding – and more exhilarating – than seeing your savings account swell with money on a regular basis. The feeling has to be experienced to be believed – particularly if, like I did, you drain your account for every last penny each month.

Saving gives you pride and confidence and makes you feel more responsible towards money. It also proportionately reduces anxiety – in that the more you save, the less you worry about cash.

But I never have enough money left to save, you scream.... Well, this one is easy: you simply have to pay yourself first.

Think Rich & Pay Yourself First

This simple principle is worth its weight in gold. To succeed, all you have to do is pay yourself a chunk of your earnings on pay day – before you pay your bills, rent, mortgage, or buy any luxuries, treats, and £3 Lattes.

Take between 10% and 20% of your earnings – pre-tax, if possible – and deposit it in a high interest savings account, an ISA – or put it in a shoe box under your bed. All that matters is no matter what you ensure you get paid before any of your creditors. Sod them – they’ve got enough money!

And why shouldn’t you? Please try and justify why you would work 200 hours per month to be left with nothing at the end of it. This is a life of slavery – and one to avoid at all costs.

There are very few people I’ve explained this principle to who legitimately cannot afford to put away at least 10% of their earnings every month. Yes, you might have to lay off the new clothes, heavy nights on the town and meals out while you adjust – but adjust you will. If you can genuinely only afford to pay yourself 5%, or even 1%... DO IT!

Paying yourself first sends a wondrously powerful message to your sub-conscious – it affirms that you are responsible, you are earning cash, you are saving cash – and you deserve more. In short, you are beginning to think rich.

Best of all, after a couple of months you will actually be excited to pay yourself on pay day. I now look forward to treating myself to a chunk of cash much more than I ever did to buying myself the latest computer games, DVDs, booze and gadgets on payday.

Paying yourself first is a powerful way to think rich – and seeing the results affirms your new abundance consciousness every time you check the balance of your savings account.

Think Rich and Carry Cash

think rich

There’s nothing more affirming for a poverty consciousness than a cavernous, gaping, empty wallet.

Peering into the depths of a bare wallet is a depressing sight by itself. Queuing up to pay at a store, getting to the front, pulling out your wallet and realising you don’t have a penny on you is humiliating in the extreme. Being unable to chip in when you have a meal or share a cab with your friends is embarrassing. Asking your marijuana dealer to accept a check – or an IOU – is unlikely to go down too well and endear you to him lovingly. It is also unlikely to help you get high in the future.

In order to think rich, you need to act rich. Rich folk don’t run out of cash. They have beautiful, bulbous, swelling wallets with thick wads of paper crammed into them. They have cash on them to spend and cash on them to loan.

Rich people visit an ATM infrequently – to top up supplies when reserves get low. They don’t queue up for ten minutes every day to withdraw £10 – and then hoard that single note and pray to God they don’t have to break into it.

I can safely say – without exaggeration, elaboration or hyperbole – that carrying more cash is the fastest and most effective way to get your subconscious to think rich. By emulating rich people and carrying around more cash, you will think rich and feel rich too.

The trick is to start carrying around an amount of cash that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable. It should excite you! You can almost feel the presence of this cash in your pocket. It makes you carry yourself very differently.

Looking into your wallet should even speed your heart rate up a little... and the feel and touch of this chunk of notes will open a whole new sensory experience for you. Even the new and exciting smell of a wad of notes will drift up to your nose and signal to your subconscious that BIG CHANGES ARE HAPPENING!

Every time you pull your wallet out you send a massive affirmation to your brain that I HAVE MONEY! Flicking through the notes feels great and can’t help but make you think rich.

When the amount you withdraw doesn’t feel quite so daring, exciting or unusual anymore – simply increase the amount you carry. Don’t be alarmed – this is the result you want – it means that you have subconsciously got used to carrying an amount of cash that used to feel alien! You are beginning to think rich. I’m up to about £400 ($600) on me now – and carrying £100 used to scare the life out of me. There’s no need to rush this – go at your own pace. All that matters is when you get used to it, carry more. Simple!

One thing to watch out for – make sure you don’t spend it any quicker, just because you have cash on you. This is a good test for you, as it builds trust and assures your subconscious that you can be trusted with money. Again, this is a powerful belief to hold. Oh, one other thing – try not to get mugged.

Think Rich in your Imagination

If the thought of being rich scares you or makes you feel in any way uncomfortable – you are not going to get rich. First, you have to think rich – and then you can be rich.

Visualise yourself as having all the money you’ll ever need, and imagine having everything you could ever want. When you’re comfortable with the prospect in your mind, wealth will begin to manifest in your life.

Start by imagining what it would be like to have ten grand in the bank. When that seems realistic, go to twenty... fifty... one hundred. Really put yourself in the shoes of someone who has this much cash – see life through their eyes.

Just a few minutes a day will help you here – and believe me, it’s time well spent. Creative Visualisation forms the backbone of all my success. If you find it hard, invest in a meditation machine – the best money I’ve ever spent.

Think Rich and Spend It with a Smile

think rich

I used to begrudge spending money. Even though I wanted more money, I hated getting rid of it.

As soon as I realised that cash is like any other energy in life, and you attract whatever you think about most, I started to get more of it. Lots more.

Fearing - or disliking - spending money sends an unbelievably poor message to your subconscious. It makes you think that money is limited, or reinforces the belief that if you spend it, you won’t get it back.

You need to change this belief and replace it with an affirming one – namely that it is fun to spend money – in fact, the point of getting money is to spend it!

Practice spending money happily (not unnecessary spending – I’m talking about money you were going to spend anyway). A technique I like to use is that whenever I spend cash, not only do I smile and thank my subconscious for getting me this cash in the first place, but I also imagine that whatever I spend I’m going to get double back! If I spend £20, I assure myself that £40 is coming back to me... from somewhere. And guess what? Since I started doing this, I’ve near enough doubled my income – and reduced my working hours by 60%. To me, this beggars rational explanation.

The happier you can get with the prospect of spending money guilt-free, the more money you will get in the future. Think rich and don’t feel bad – treat yourself and know that your money is coming back to you from somewhere!

That’s How to Think Rich!

Applying all of the tips above helped me to think rich, double my income and best of all - stop worrying about money. I’ve managed to save thousands in a very short time, and have no doubt that I will earn all I desire in the future.

It’s so easy to change the way you think about money – and the results come quick, often within a few months. If you’re sick to death of feeling poor, give these ideas a go – and send me a few pounds or dollars to say thanks when you’re rolling in it...!

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