Law of Attraction and Money


A lot has been written about the Law of Attraction and Money – and I should know, as I’ve read it all. I’ve been fascinated by the idea of attracting money into my life for some time now, as you’ll know if you’ve read my most popular article Think Rich.

Over the past few months, I have been deliberately putting together my own strategy for getting rich by applying the “laws” of the law of attraction and money. This strategy - my new Money Manifesto - is detailed below.

I’ve used numerous sources to put it together, but rest assured that it includes the best advice from classics such as Think and Grow Rich and The Science of Getting Rich, with input from modern gurus like Steve Pavlina and Bob Proctor, plus observations from my own experiments.

I am going to be living this ten part strategy to the letter. If you are serious about attracting more money into your life, feel free to join me in this cosmic quest for cash (details at the end of this article). I’m convinced that if there is a way to attract money into your life, this is it.

Be warned now – for this to work, it will require a fundamental shift in your thinking and actions. Only if you are excited by this sort of challenge, and willing to implement some serious changes in your life to attract more money, should you read on.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 1 – All Thoughts Become Things

The starting point for my manifesto is the acceptance of the principle that all thoughts become things. We live in a universe which is shaped by our own thoughts - in that our thoughts become intentions, and then these intentions are manifested in various ways.

By focussing exclusively on what we want – i.e. the attraction of money – we will send out clear intentions to the universe, and money will in turn manifest.

Of course, great mental discipline will be required to continually focus on what we want – and to avoid focussing on what we don’t want.

For a more detailed overview of the LoA, take a look at my previous articles on the Law of Attraction for Beginners, and my Top 5 Tips for Manifestation.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 2 - Crystal Clear Goals

The second principle of my money-making manifesto is that we must have a clear, definite and vivid picture of what we desire.

Vague desires – i.e. “I want to be rich” – are no good here.

We need to be absolutely certain of what we want to attract - be that £5 million, a specific house, or a company we wish to create.

We need to know what this picture looks like, inside and out. We need to know what it feels like to have already achieved it. We need to know every last glorious detail of what having this success entails.

This requires clear goals – so you can define what you truly want, and it also requires creative visualisation – so you can imagine your financial desires in exacting detail, time after time, until the image is burned into your subconscious. Use binaural beats to make this easier.

There are also numerous references in the law of attraction community to the fact that the bigger you think, the more likely you are to attract it. Therefore, do not sell yourself short, and dream audacious dreams - as these are the only goals that will provide you with the strength of desire necessary to keep focussed when conflicting thoughts begin to emerge.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 3 - Gratitude is King

Gratitude is an essential attribute to cultivate when attempting to get rich using the law of attraction and money.

We must, of course, show gratitude now for what we already have.

Interestingly, we must also show gratitude now for what we are trying to attract. We must show the same level of gratitude for our dreams as we would if they had already manifested.

Be sure to re-read the above point – it is of unparalleled importance to this manifesto.

If we do not have an entrenched mindset of gratitude now, we leave ourselves open to dissatisfied thinking – the downfall of any well-meaning intention.

Therefore, take time every day to give thanks for what you already have – and use visualisation to be as grateful now for your dreams as if already they had already manifested.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 4 - Keep The Faith

The fourth tenet of my manifesto is that we must believe – with absolute faith – that our desires are on their way to us.

We may not entertain – even for a second – the idea that we may be mistaken, misguided or even downright foolish to put our faith in an unseen power.

The time for debate is before you commit to creating wealth using the law of attraction and money. If you entertain these thoughts after committing, you will surely fail.

Cultivate the faith that everything you desire is on its way to you. Believe with every cell of your being that this is the case. Do not question it or debate it once you have made your mind up – simply believe it.

When things “go wrong”, you must keep the faith. Often, what appears to us to be “failure” is actually the beginning of another, better opportunity. Accept whatever happens, re-focus, and move on.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 5 - Live With Purpose

The fifth part of my money making manifesto is that we must live with an unshakable sense of purpose. This purpose will guide us and direct us when times are bad.

This purpose will give us the strength to battle on and succeed, even when we are weak.

Give all of your actions a sense of purpose. Make sure that everything you do brings you closer to achieving your dreams – financial or otherwise. Keep your desires in mind and have the sense of purpose to attract them to you.

If you already know your personal values, you are likely to have a sense of purpose instilled deep within you. Keep faith in the achievement of your desires, and proceed with purpose, and you will succeed.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 6 - Take ACTION

The law of attraction and money will not work without action. This cannot be understated. All of the visualising in the world will not help us unless we commit to ACT.

We cannot take action in the past, and we cannot take action in the future. The only time we can take action is NOW. The present is the only time when action can take place.

Be present whenever you can, and pour all of your creative resources into your actions.

With every action you take, hold inside your sense of faith, purpose and vision. Use the energy from your faith, purpose and vision to propel you to act now.

If you are not yet doing what you want to do for a living, keep in mind the vision of you doing whatever it is you want to do whenever you act. Use this focus as a way to bridge your actions now with your higher goal.

Every day has the potential to bring you closer to your goals – or take you further away. Chain reactions will occur when you act or think in a certain way, exploding the effect of your actions (or non-actions) exponentially. As such, make sure that every day is a success and brings you closer to attracting what you want in life.

Do not procrastinate. Do not worry. Take action. Move closer to your desires. Act now.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 7 - Create and Deliver Value

An essential aspect of the law of attraction and money is that we must create value, and this has to be more value that the price we charge for our goods / services / time.

Only by generating an increase in value, will we be able to attract wealth and get rich.

By creating and delivering value you provide more than you take away, and as such generate a mentality of abundance and increase.

This website is a platform for me to create and deliver value – I offer an abundance of free information to anyone in the world, without asking or expecting a penny in return.

See what you can do in your own life to deliver value to people. Think of ways you can currently increase the value of what you do at work.

We can always provide more value. Make this idea a fundamental tenet of your thinking.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 8 – There Is Plenty To Go Round

Rule 8 is simple – there is plenty of money for everyone.

Do not entertain thoughts that there is too much competition; or that we are in a recession; or that all the money has already been made.

This is nonsense. There is plenty of abundance to go round – and unimaginable amounts of money and successful enterprises that haven’t even been created yet.

Rid your mind of thoughts of competing with others. The only person you are competing with is yourself. There is plenty to go round – focus on wealth, and not on a lack.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 9 – Banish Negativity & Doubt

This is a simple rule too – to succeed, we need to banish all forms of negativity and doubt from our heads.

There can be no internal discouragement or disagreement. There can be no talk – or thought – of failure. There can be no negative media influence.

Doubt only serves to push what you want further away from your grasp. As such, never submit to worry – and always believe in yourself. You never get what you want if you are thinking constantly about its opposite.

Instead, be sure to focus on your clearly-defined goals and visualise them.

Be grateful for what you have – and, to reiterate, show gratitude for what you don’t yet have.

Keep a clear, focussed mind. Keep faith in your actions and in the universe itself.

With the right mindset, we will attract success and money together.

Law of Attraction and Money
Rule 10 – Enjoy

The final – and most important – rule of my law of attraction and money manifesto is to buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Living and breathing this manifesto will require inordinate amounts of faith, desire and belief (which are in direct proportion to the treasures available when we succeed). It could easily turn into a stressful experience, with so many actions to take, and so many beliefs to hold.

This need not be the case.

I’m convinced that if the law of attraction and money is to really work, we must relax and enjoy ourselves when applying it. Treat this manifesto as a guide to get you what you want, but don’t trade your happiness now for the thought of a happier future.

I want you to enjoy playing this strange, cosmic game with me. If you do, it could go one of two ways:

Worst case – it’s all gibberish, and we waste a few months playing around. No one really loses anything of substance. It was worth a go!

Best case – we learn to apply a fundamental law of the universe, first hand, and we generate wealth by being grateful for what we have, and by creating value for others. We become rich and can teach others how to become rich. What a fantastic achievement that would be!

Again, I’ve formulated these rules from a wealth of literature bounded about by “masters” of the law of attraction, and added my own first-hand observations too. If the law of attraction really works, then this should be the template that makes it work.

I wish you all the luck and wealth in the world...! Live the money manifesto – and become rich beyond your wildest dreams!

In Conclusion...

Well, that concludes my manifesto for creating wealth with the law of attraction and money. Will it work? Well, I’m going to put my faith in it and see where it takes me. I’ve never undertaken such a massive shift in thinking before, and I’m interested (to say the least!) to see the results. My previous experiments with the Law of Attraction have been successful – but I’ve never undertaken a project of this size before. I’ve got a funny feeling I’m going to be blown away.

If you’d like to join me on this experiment, please Contact Me Directly. When there’s sufficient interest, we can create a “Master Mind” group of sorts and keep each other motivated and on track. I will announce the findings and results in my newsletter too – so if you’re not yet subscribed, scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up. It’s totally free. The more of us who commit to try this, the more likely we all are to succeed.

Just by writing this article, I’m expecting some serious synchronicities over the coming days, as the universe winks at my intentions and notes that it has received them. If you decide to try my manifesto on for size, you’ll likely find some money in the street or get an unexpected windfall too.

Good luck!

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