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Measuring Thought Vibration is a method new-age folk use to determine whether a thought you are thinking is empowering or disempowering. If you practice thinking thoughts that have a higher vibration, you tend to get more of what you want in life – and you feel better about yourself too.

Essentially, thoughts that vibrate at a higher level are likely to be strong, positive and healthy thoughts, whereas thoughts that vibrate at a low level are liable to be negative, harmful and disempowering.

The argument is what you think about most you manifest in your life – so if you’re operating from a higher frequency, you are more likely to attract the life you desire. You’re also likely to be happier, more pleasant to be around, and in a better state of mind.

This article will explain a bit about high and low levels of thought vibration, explain the benefits of vibrating at a higher frequency, and show you how to turn low frequency thoughts into high frequency thoughts.

High and Low Levels of Thought Vibration

Now, unless you’re a spiritual hippy, it’s likely that the very term “thought vibration” may offend or bemuse you somewhat. It does sound a little bit fancy-dan, after all, and I’m pretty sure you’ve never come across a thought-vibration-measuring machine on your travels. As such, it’s probably pretty easy to hit the back button on your browser and to resign the idea of thought vibration to the hippy bin.

But if you stop a second and take a look at your own thought patterns, you may realise that you instinctively understand the concept of thought vibration, at least at an unconscious level. Simply put, the argument is that all thoughts are energy, and good thoughts vibrate differently to bad thoughts. This seems to make sense if you compare what being in a good mood feels like compared to being in a bad mood.

The way I see it, when you are “operating at a higher level of thought vibration”, it simply means your thinking is clear, positive and focussed. You are likely to be in a relaxed state, and be more focussed on opportunities than you are on problems. When your thinking is like this, your whole body feels good, and emotions like excitement, anticipation and happiness are the norm.

When you are in this state of mind, you may find that people (and even animals!) tend to respond well to you, you won’t tend to encounter many issues or problems, and you may even stumble upon a bit of good luck that you wouldn’t normally expect. When operating from a higher level of thought vibration, people may subconsciously pick up on the fact that you are giving out “good vibes”. That’s all higher thought vibration is – good vibes.

Conversely, when you are operating at a lower frequency of thought vibration, you’re giving out bad vibes – you’re feeling sorry for yourself, going over things that have already happened, feeling miserable and depressed, and emotions like anger, fear and discontent are the norm. People will subconsciously avoid you, or will be drawn into conflict with you. This is not a nice way to live – but many people do live like this for a majority of their existence.

Benefits of a High Level of Thought Vibration

thought vibration

Operating at a higher level of thought vibration is liberating, no matter how briefly you do it. Not only do you feel happier and more positive about life, but you are much less likely to be judgemental about other people, or to engage in worthless negative activities like gossiping and moaning.

You experience a strange sense of energy, which draws you to other people. In fact, you’re much more likely to want to spend time with friends and colleagues, and you’ll probably find yourself meeting new and interesting people too.

When vibrating at a higher level – or giving out good vibes, if you prefer – you’ll smile more, laugh more and not take yourself so seriously. You are happy with the present moment as it is, and you won’t waste time and energy wishing you was doing something else.

You’ll be more motivated to achieve your goals, more positive about achieving them, and just generally happy and joyous and enjoying the wonder that is life. Good vibes are definitely the way to go!

How to Vibrate at a Higher Level

One of the major objectives of anyone interested in personal development is to learn how to constantly emit higher levels of thought vibration – although you may have been calling it something else; “happiness”, “peace of mind”, or an “abundance consciousness” for example.

Now I’ll show you several techniques I’ve used to get my thinking back on track when I’ve fallen into low frequency thought patterns – i.e. depression, sadness, negativity, anger and apathy. Find out what works for you - and keep doing it.

Thinking regularly at a higher level of frequency is rarely an overnight change – instead, it is a case of gradual improvement. Try to notice when you feel blue, and address it by trying some of these ideas to pick yourself up.

Luckily, the more you do this, the more happiness and higher levels of thought vibration will be your natural states of being. All you have to do is choose to operate at a higher level – in fact, even thinking about thinking at the higher level tends to get you there – a nice little coincidence!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Visualisation

Visualisation is the fastest way to operate at a higher level of thought vibration.

To visualise, simply relax, shut your eyes, and see yourself acting as happy, positive and friendly as you can imagine. Notice how you feel and what you can see, hear and smell. Notice what sort of thoughts you are thinking. See how people respond to you when you feel like this. Realise how good it makes you feel. Enjoy feeling like this!

If you did this for a few minutes every day for three weeks, your self-image and thought patterns would change dramatically. I’ve written many articles about Creative Visualisation, which are well worth a read if you want to learn how to visualise properly and start to get some frankly amazing results.

2. Meditation

Meditation helps you the step out of the ever-so-frantic pace of modern life, and take time for quiet reflection, peace of mind and relaxation. Naturally, this also helps you to raise your level of vibration.

If you’re not convinced, I’d take a look at the Benefits of Meditation. Honestly, it will be the best hobby you ever pick up.

3. NLP

NLP is packed full of tools to help you feel better about yourself – and can help you to increase your thought vibration accordingly.

Try Anchoring or a Swish Pattern and see how they impact your thinking. Both of these techniques can have a dramatic impact on your thought vibrations today. They are pretty fun to play with as well!

4. Acceptance and Presence

A more spiritual and powerful way of increasing your thought vibration is to practice being present in the moment, and to learn to accept whatever comes across your path, without reacting negatively to it. If you can get the hang of this, it is far more powerful and transformative than the other options.

If this sounds like you, try reading Acceptance and Being Present.

5. Gratitude

Gratitude is my final advice for raising your level of thought frequency. Being grateful for what you already have in your life is a powerful practice, and will have a brilliant effect on your thought vibration.

Simply taking a few minutes to say “thank you” for all your family, friends, circumstances and achievements is a quick-fire way to feel brilliant about yourself and your life, and thus transform your thinking into a positive and happy state. Shut your eyes, imagine all that’s good in your life, and really feel the feelings of thanks. You’ll be amazed at how “win win” this simple (but massively overlooked) technique is!

That’s it for now. I hope just by reading this you glimpsed the state of mind of higher frequency thoughts, which should leave you feeling positive, happy and slightly energised. Take these thoughts with you during your day, and you’ll pass them on to everyone you come across. They will thank you for it, and you’ll feel better yourself too... the ultimate win / win!

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