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The Shower Strategy:

 Kick Start Your Day with NLP

nlp shower strategyIf you struggle to motivate yourself in the morning, here's a really quick exercise you can do in a just a few minutes which is guaranteed to get you feeling positive, happy and optimistic about your day.

I call it the shower strategy, and it utilises some simple NLP and Visualization practices to get you feeling good vibes in a matter of minutes.

Naturally, I use this in the shower, but feel free to try it when commuting to work, doing your shopping or any other low-concentration task.

This is visualization for people who can't find the time to visualise. (And yes, the picture of the woman showering is a brazen bribe to get you to continue reading.)

Here's What To Do:

Take some deep breaths. The slower and deeper, the better. Spend a moment or two concentrating on filling your lungs and then slowly exhaling the used air. All we are aiming for here is a sense of presence and relaxation. You'll know when you get there, because your mind won't be racing quite as fast as it usually does, and you won't be panicked about the coming day. You don't have to be in a state of Zen Bliss before moving on, just a little less erratic than usual!

Get Grateful. Next, you want to generate positive feelings for people / things / achievements / stuff you already have in your life. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes not, depending on what mood you woke up in.

Try talking yourself into feeling gratitude for the other person / thing; for example "Dude - I am really grateful for my flatmate. He puts up with a lot of my crap, tidies up, brings me home a chocolate bar from work... he's got my back".

Or - "I'm really grateful for my job. It's crap sometimes, but I get to be myself at work, I have my own discretion and responsibility, I earn enough money to do what I want, and my colleagues love me".

nlpJust try to spin things in a positive light - "reframing" your experience until you can see all the good in your situation. This should get you feeling positive, but if not you can do a little bit of NLP to spice things up a bit too.

What you want to do is create mini-movies in your head by calling up memories which represent your spoken words - and then make them as sensory rich as possible.

This means making the colours bright and vivid, hearing the exact sounds you heard, feeling what you felt, and essentially trying to transport yourself back in time to experience the memory again.

So, for example, I'd think of coming home to my flat and seeing my flat mate had tidied up (again!) I'd replay the sounds I could hear, and "look around" in my memory, noticing as much detail as possible. I'd see myself saying thanks to him, and notice how grateful I felt inside.

In short, you should want to relive any grateful memories as vividly as you can. This will get you feeling super-grateful and positive inside. Try it and you'll see just how powerful this can be, in literally 30-45 seconds.




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Yesterday was awesome
. Next, take a minute or two to replay in your mind only the good things that happened to you yesterday.

Even if you had a horrific day of doom, there's a good chance you will find one or two redeeming features where you made progress; grew as a person; handled a challenge well; met someone new; cooked a healthy dinner - anything that made you proud.

Using the same NLP trick as above, relive these positive memories, being sure to make them as vivid as possible. See through your own eyes, see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt.

By now you'll be feeling seriously good vibes, and feeling optimistic and confident in your abilities. Next, we plan the coming day.

Today will be awesome too. Now, run through a mental image of your upcoming day going well. (note - you don't have to imagine it will be perfect, "good" will do!)

Again, try to make the mind-movie as sensory rich as possible (this will be easier as you've just done it with "real" memories a couple of times)

See things going your way. Know what you are going to do with your day. See yourself performing at close to the best of your abilities. Give yourself some love!

nlpThe Big Dream. I finish my shower strategy with a quick minute or two or visualizing my biggest goals and my dream future. It's a great way to get motivated for the day ahead.

Simply imagine that all your goals had been accomplished. What do you do with your day? Where do you live? What does it feel like to have made your dreams a reality?

Again, try to use NLP to make these pictures as vivid as possible. Really enjoy seeing yourself having achieved all you want to achieve.

Get Out. That's it! Jump out of the shower and go have an awesome day. Once you've practiced this a few times, you'll be able to do the entire exercise in 2-3 minutes - and the benefits to you will be worth a lot more than that.

So, that's my shower strategy. Deep breath, be grateful, remember what went right yesterday, imagine today going well, see your dream future, get out = one happy, motivated bunny, ready for the day and world domination.

Good luck!

PS - Another great daily practice I recommend is reading / listening to Philosophers Notes. Each day I get a 20 minute overview of one of the top 100 success books of all time. It's concentrated wisdom, for around 50 cents a day. Boom! You can read my review or watch a video I made if  this sounds interesting  to you.

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