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Binaural Beats 

Unexplainable's Theta Isochronic

2) Unexplainable's Lucid Dreaming

Jedi Mind Trick

4) Brain Evolution System

5) Ennora's God Consciousness

* According to sales at www.binauralbeatsgeek.com, June 2010>
Binaural Beats Geek.com

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How To Visualize - The Video

Do you want to reach your goals quicker? If you learn how to visualize, you will.

I've made you a video (about 15 minutes, split into two parts) which shows you the exact techniques I have used to:
  • Earn over $30,000 in a month working part time
  • Build online businesses with no experience
  • "Attract" my dream flat and sexy girlfriend(!)
  • Work for myself doing what I love...
... and much more.

I hope you  find these videos massively valuable.  If you follow the instructions, I'm certain you will reach your goals quicker and with less stress. Enjoy!

Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones

I hope you enjoyed the videos showing you how to visualize - and that you are going to take action and put what you've learned into use.

As I mentioned, one of the most important aspects of visualizing is being able to slow down your brain waves and deeply relax. Without doing this, you'll have too much mind chatter going on, and your results will suffer as a result.

You have two options: you can either learn some basic meditation techniques, or you can cheat (like me!) and buy yourself some binaural beats or isochronic tones.

I use these every time I visualize. They are totally safe and natural, and will take you to the best possible state of mind for visualization. Starting at $10-15, they are affordable and really fun to use.

Choose one of these options:
  • Get some low cost binaural beats or isochronic tones now from Unexplainable Store. These are the best value tools on the net, and you can get an instant MP3 download from ten bucks and  start visualising right away.
  • Read more about this technology at my new website, Binaural Beats Geek.
  • Look at binaural beat research papers (which prove they work)
  • Read a review of my 5 favourite binaural beats.

Hopefully that's enough info for you to get started.

In closing, good luck with your visualization practice, and I hope I have helped you to reach your goals quicker. Boom!

If you like these videos, please do share them! Thank you.

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