Creating a Life of Happiness

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If you're anything like me, you're searching for a life of happiness above everything else. You want to wake up feeling happy, optimistic, and even excited about your day. You want to have a smile on your face and appreciate what you already have.

The problem is, it's quite hard to feel like this in the society and age we live in. For example, a lot of uber-successful people I know act the same way: working themselves into the ground for a decade or two, trading their happiness and peace of mind for cash and promotions. They think it's fine to trade a life of happiness for short-term profits. I disagree.

After a year or two of following this same path, I decided to bail out and do my own thing. Sod killing yourself to make a living – in my humble opinion, there is absolutely no point going for any goals or dreams unless you are going to enjoy the journey. And I mean really enjoy the journey.

These articles are written to help you become happier and create a life of happiness. Some of them are a little “out there” by conventional standards, but give them a go. The aim isn't to overwhelm you with “positive thinking”. The aim is to open your mind to totally new ways of seeing the world. I've been reading a lot of Taoism and Buddhism of late, and to be frank, these oriental chaps have got the life of happiness thing sorted out. I want to infuse these ancient teachings with a hint of cockney charm, and make them accessible to people like yourself.

I truly believe we live in a world which has put the lunatics in charge of the asylum. Rather than being encouraged to follow our passions and be happy, we are told “normal” is going to work for 40 years in a job you hate, being miserable the whole bloody time. We're told to worry about the economy and swine flu and terrorism. We're told how to think and how to act.

Sod this. You control how you see the world, and with practice you can choose to be happier. It doesn't need to be crazy over the top happiness. Just try to start to realise that all your problems only really exist in your head.....and then start to enjoy a life of happiness.

Life is a lot more fun when you appreciate what you have and begin to see life through the eyes of a kid again. See life as a game, and you'll slowly realise that you get to play by your own rules.

PS - In addition to these posts, read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It will awaken you to the madness all around you, and make you happier too. Now, put a big fat smile on your face, and learn how to live happier!

Create a Life of Happiness, Starting Today. Well, this one does what it says on the tin. This comprehensive two part article details all the individual steps you need to take to make a life of happiness your natural path.

This includes making a plan, doing what you love, keeping your problems in perspective, celebrating your successes, utilising the power of your imagination, keeping fit, becoming a bit spiritual, not pushing yourself too hard and remembering to appreciate what you have.

Whilst this admittedly takes work, it's really not that tricky to get on track – for a start, feeling happy is contagious and you'll want more of it. Plus, you'll have fun whilst you transition to a life of your own design. Have a look today and start taking responsibility for your life of happiness.

Get a Bit Spiritual. If the word “spirituality” fills you with a sense of despair, I get you: I was a fierce atheist until relatively recently, and any attempt to encourage me to become more spiritual would have been met with laughter and a steadfast rebuttal.

Luckily, a series of strange coincidences brought me to the book 'The Power of Now', and my life (and my view of life) changed instantly. Becoming spiritual doesn't mean becoming an apathetic hippy, it means realising the craziness of the human ego, and becoming aware of a deep and vibrant sense of connectedness hidden within each of us.

When you begin to get in touch with this “being”, and start to try to live in the present (and not constantly worry about past and future), you cannot help but start to live a life of happiness – at a very deep level too. Let these articles show you the way!

What is Spirituality?
Enlightened Spirituality
What is Being Present?
Cultivating Acceptance and Peace of Mind

Learn to put out "Good Vibes"! Have you ever noticed that when you're in an awesome mood, people tend to be nicer to you, and you tend to get more of what you want? If so, you'll probably have realised that when you're in a crappy mood, you are more likely to experience the opposite of this. Why do you reckon that is?

I've been playing with the idea (borrowed from the Law of Attraction ) that the “vibes” we send out tend to be reflected back to us in our experiences of life. This may seem pretty crazy, but the more I play with the idea the more it seems to be the case.

Use this article to learn how to send out “good vibrations”, feel happier and attract happy experiences and people back to you. It's a bit mad, but give it a go. You'll be surprised by the results, as it's a quick-fire way to a life of happiness - once you get the hang of it.

Open Your Eyes Up to Media Influence. Rather than providing you with techniques to be happier, this article shows you what to avoid in order to tap into your natural life of happiness.

The problem is that the news companies have their own agendas, and there is a reason why they fill the papers and TV with fear-inducing, negative imagery.

This article will introduce you to the numerous conflicts of interests media companies have, and advise you to avoid all news for a week – so you can experience the difference in happiness and positivity yourself. It's little steps like this which will enlighten you to just how brainwashed to be miserable humans are. Try a media blackout for yourself and you'll know what I mean.

Learn how to "Anchor" Happiness using NLP. NLP Anchoring is a powerful and simple technique that works on the same scientific principles as Pavlov and his salivating dog.

Basically, you can create an “anchor” for happiness which allows you to experience all the physiological and psychological benefits and feelings of happiness – on demand. All you do is think (in vivid detail) of times in the past when you have been really happy, and create a “trigger” (such as rubbing two fingers together) which will in future make you feel all these powerful feelings.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, stop being a cynic and give it a go!! If this could allow you to feel happy whenever you want, and add to your pursuit of a life of happiness, surely it's worth ten minutes of your time? Yep, I thought as much :-)

Learn how to Meditate. Taking a few minutes each day to quieten my mind has been an absolute game-changer for me. Not only does it give my body a proper, relaxing rest, but my mind quietens down, I get deep insights into myself, and it feels awesome. You don't have to be a crazy person to meditate either.

I'm not qualified enough to teach you, but I can:
Tell you the Benefits of Meditation.
Give you some Motivation to start Meditating.
Recommend some inexpensive MP3s that make Meditating a Doddle!

Honestly, this step alone could make you MASSIVELY happier. Stop being a sceptic and give it a go. What else are you gonna do in the ten minutes before bed which adds to your life of happiness? (No answers needed – rhetorical question!!)

Start Dealing with Negative People in your life. OK, so you're feeling happier, you're avoiding the news, doing a bit of NLP to feel happy on demand, and you're starting to meditate. Nothing can go wrong now, ay? Ah... well, maybe. The impact negative people have on us (particularly if they are friends) can be massively debilitating.

This article shows you the steps I take to make sure that negative sods can't piss on my parade (for want of a better phrase). You don't have to disown any miserable mates you have, but you can learn how to bring their constant bitching to their attention, without taking a punch in return. Find out how here, and start tapping into your life of happiness today.

Well... That's it for now! I hope these articles help you to become happier in your day-to-day living. My advice would be to focus on the present moment as much as you can, as you'll have a lot more fun that way. Also, try a bit of NLP, and meditate / visualise at night – and, for the love of God – avoid the news for a bit. You'll feel instantly happier and more optimistic, I promise...

Here's to you and your pursuit of a life of happiness!

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