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The Cosmic Ordering Service

(click here for UK buyers) is a simple, short and unusual book that I recommend to Law of Attraction aficionados and beginners.

If you’re looking for a book that summarises the Law of Attraction in its simplest form, or have been playing with the LoA with mixed results, you should consider getting a copy of this engaging little title.

This review gives you my thoughts on the book as well as a little background information, and lists the good bits and bad bits too. By the end of this review you should have a good idea of whether The Cosmic Ordering Service is for you.

Basic Premise

“The Cosmic Ordering Service” is German author Barbel Mohr’s way of describing the Law of Attraction. She argues that using the LoA successfully is actually blindingly simple – all you have to do is “send your order” to the Cosmic Ordering Service, keep the faith, forget about your order – and wait for your dream to manifest.

This is a very short (less than 100 pages) book, and is filled with anecdotes from the author’s life, and helpful advice and tips on successful manifestations with the LoA. Frankly, I can’t emphasise enough just how simple the overall concept is: work out what you want, send and order, don’t worry, receive it. Whilst Mohr doesn’t go into too much specific detail about LoA techniques, this actually works well, and the book felt to me to contain some powerful and profound truths.

The book is written in an engaging prose which naturally motivates, and encourages you to try out Mohr’s simple techniques for yourself. If you’re interested in the LoA, this is one of the better (if most basic) titles I’ve come across.

Who's It For?

This is a perfect title for LoA newbies, as it contains less hyperbole than better well-known titles such as The Secret, making it quite fun and easily understandable.

Additionally, this is good for people who have been playing with the LoA for some time now, as it contains some unique insights that are definitely worth trying out to see if you can improve your success rate.

Who's It NOT For?

This book is not for people who don’t believe in the Law of Attraction; and not for folks who don’t like books that require a high degree of faith on the part of the reader. After all, if you’re going to dismiss every coincidence in life as just a coincidence – and not due in part to the LoA – this definitely isn’t going to be for you.

If you’re at least half interested in the LoA, however, The Cosmic Ordering Service should be a safe, if somewhat unchallenging, bet.

The Best Bits

The book is written in a very self-deprecating, “am I going mad or am I really manifesting what I want?” kind of way. I can definitely relate to this, as when the LoA works, it really seems too easy to be true, and it can make you question your own sanity! Equally, some books on the LoA are written in a preachy, “if you’re not getting results you’re an idiot” fashion. This definitely isn’t one of those books!

The simplicity of Mohr’s technique is a powerful selling point for the book too. Her Cosmic Ordering Service argument really is so simple it’s untrue. You can’t really mess it up once you understand it. Since reading, I’ve sent off a few “orders” to the Cosmic Ordering Service myself, so I’ll find out soon whether it works or not!

The section on “I make a bigger commitment to myself”, as a way of dealing with negative thoughts (which often mess up attempts to use the LoA) is worth the price of the book itself. I won’t ruin the section, but expect to feel connected and affected at a deep, spiritual level when you get to this part.

Finally, the book is so short you can devour it in a single sitting (like I did), or dip into it from time to time when the mood takes your fancy. The short, randomly organised chapters make this book excellent bathroom / just-before-bed reading, and you could also carry it with you on journeys without taking up too much room at all. In short, reading this book certainly isn’t going to impact your social life too much!!

The Worst Bits

Well, as you can imagine, The Cosmic Ordering Service relies on anecdotal evidence throughout its entire narrative, so if you’re looking for scientific fact and unquestionable proof, this isn’t for you.

Equally, it may piss you off to read a book by such a naturally chirpy and convinced LoA aficionado, particularly if you’re the kind of person who gets uncomfortable with overly positive prose. Be warned!

Finally, the lack of detail may get to you too. As mentioned above, this is a very simple technique that doesn’t require much explaining. If you want step-by-step instructions and baby steps for using the LoA, contact me directly for a personalised recommendation.

What Next?

The Cosmic Ordering Service is a good little book about the Law of Attraction, and is well worth a look if you’re into this sort of thing.

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