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Important information for small businesses
and product makers

Would you like to increase your exposure to the market and make more sales without additional costs or fees?

Would a free, simple to use service that partners your product with quality, high traffic sites and blogs make your job easier?

When you think about it, just about everybody wants to make more sales with less effort and with increased profits, too, right? Well, I've got good news because there's a new service in development to help you do all this and more.

The Internet is a land of opportunity for small business. It's a boundless new frontier that makes it possible to contact people, develop new prospects and expand your business.  However, despite the vast numbers of folks online, it's not always easy to reach them.  To be worthwhile, you have to find a well-trafficked platform and make your product visible among millions of other products. Then you have to get your message across and after that, get the sale. 

It's true that some platforms are free, but there are also stringent guidelines that prohibit you from openly selling yourself. Other platforms cost money and the fees of most popular ones can cut deeply into profits.  On top of all this, online advertising can be exorbitant and in competitive niches, it can even be too expensive to pursue.

Oh yes, the land of opportunity is rife with services designed to "help" you grow your business, but the big, effective ones are turning into monopolies who feed off your needs, making you dependent. Between sky-rocketing auction and listing fees and the out-of-reach requirements, this land of opportunity doesn't appear to be so opportune because, how can you compete?

What is needed today is something different. What's needed is a place that matches product sellers with a way to reach new customers without going through a big monopoly site. What's needed is a place where quality webmasters and bloggers can find ways to independently monetize their traffic so their business isn't controlled by a monopoly.  A place where both ends of the transaction can meet, develop relationships and expand their own businesses, in essence, where they can expand their reach.   

That Place is Called Trafeze

Trafeze is a FREE platform by SiteSell, a company that's been helping the everyday person build successful online businesses for years. Many of SiteS­ell's customer sites are known for their abundant traffic levels despite having no prior experience (results).  Along with all the resour­­­­ces, training and tools it's brought to its customers since 1997, SiteSell wants to further help people succeed by extending their current product into the field of monetization through Trafeze. 

SiteSell knows that sites delivering high quality content to an enthusiastic and loyal audience will be able to sell more products than other, low quality/low traffic sites because of these key factors:

  1. They are an authority in their niche
  2. They reach more people
  3. They have their visitors' trust


Catch me at Trafeze

Who Will Use Trafeze?

Trafeze is a for a wide variety of product makers but it's especially designed for:

  • Smaller companies who don't meet the qualification requirements of larger affiliate networks.
  • Product makers who prefer to work with publishers on a one-on-one basis
  •  Those who understand that development of working relationships enhances performance
  •  Those who enjoy joining forces with small businesses and forming alliances to succeed
  •  Those product makers who want to streamline the process of finding online publishers to promote and sell their products.

Dr. Ken Evoy, Founder of SiteSell, feels a platform like Trafeze is desperately need by Solopreneurs (the individual entrepreneur or small business owner). 

"Solopreneurs are the proverbial frog in a pot," said Dr. Evoy during his launch announcement. "SoloPs form the largest sector of the online business space, yet solopreneurs suffer the highest business mortality rates online, by far… 

"Sure, our time constraints don't help. That's why SBI! exists, after all, to get the most done, in the right order, in the most efficient way possible. If you think about it, SBI! actually delivers "TIME." But I digress...

"The fact is that we're herded, for lack of choice, into vast faceless platforms. We give billions of dollars (and countless hours) to centi-billion dollar companies. 

"Google and Facebook keep announcing record-breaking quarters...

"- the price paid by Google for ad space goes down while the cost of buying ads there go up (at Facebook, too)

"- few soloPs turn a reasonable ROI on media buys

"- and, oh yes, your account can be shut down. No appeals. "

How to Get It

Trafeze is being released in stages.  Passing each stage requires a certain level of interest before development progresses.  This is to reduce risk by ensuring there is enough interest from each major group before proceeding to the next.

Sign up is simple. Just go to and submit your details by clicking "Log In." Then complete your profile. 

At the time of this article, Trafeze is still gearing up. SiteSell is inviting traffic sellers to join first, in order to ensure there will be a population before product makers arrive. If you go to, and cannot register, it hasn't yet reached that level of development. If this happens to you, don't be discouraged, though. Instead, please try again later to see if things have ramped up. 

You are always welcome to support Trafeze by telling others about it. The more people who sign up, the better Trafeze will be.  Won't you help me spread the word?

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