Swagger of the Month!

July 2009

Name: Latisha Bell
Occupation: Real Estate / Entrepreneur
Favourite Articles: Mind Habits and Law of Attraction.

swagger Latisha Bell comes from a small town in North Carolina, to great parents who had to hold down two jobs each just to survive. She graduated from three universities - only to find out that while education is essential, it does not guarantee you financial stability or job security.

Shortly after turning 31, Latisha had a tumour diagnosis - and within two weeks underwent a major surgery which left her in recovery for nearly four months.

With the help of her mother and family members, she was able to recover - and suddenly realised that so-called job security was not so secure at all. She figured it was now the time to go and pursue her purpose - and follow her destiny.

During her recovery, Latisha hired a life coach, immediately enrolled in Real Estate school as an agent and began to shatter limiting beliefs and thought patterns - and so ploughed herself head first into the real estate industry – at the “worst possible” time.

To do this, Latisha had to develop an entire new belief system, one which focussed on self-belief and achieving her goals. If others could do it and succeed, she told herself, so could she. The only limits are the ones we put on ourselves.

After reading many motivational books, listening to conference calls, becoming a daily reader of Personal Development Planet and other sites, and working with her life coach, Latisha has now created five streams of income and – like me - chooses not to participate in the economy. In a matter of months, she went from a hospital bed at St. Joseph's, with an uncertain financial future - to creating five streams of income, during a so-called “recession”.

Latisha is now a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Property Manager & Investor in Atlanta , GA USA, and is doing what she was born to do.

For all of this, Latisha is the worthy recipient of Swagger of the Month! She is a wonderful lady – and if you’re looking for a house in A-Town, be sure to check out her site now.

Here is Latisha’s inspiring story in her own words:

What was life like before?

Before, I worked in corporate jobs, unable to break through the glass ceiling. I was bored with the day to day operations and office politics. My finances were limited, and I only got paid every two weeks from one job. My state of mind was like a trapped bird in a cage. I knew I had wings to fly, but I just couldn't get out.

When did you start focussing on personal development?

After searching through search engines and looking for more personal development to enhance and reinforce what I was getting, I came across your site. The old saying, when the student is ready, the teacher shows up. I was ready. I was tired of not getting results and being in the back of the line.

What specific strategies you have tried out?

I mediate daily now morning and night. I listen to NLP daily without fail. I set goals, have measureable results and I talk positive to myself. I have learned more about the law of attraction - and it works! Before, I was getting dead end jobs, relationships, opportunities, you name it. But when I started putting all these forces together, along with developing a daily reading program on success, finances, real estate, personal development, etc., things began to change. Once I changed my beliefs from “I must work a dead in job to live”, I became a new person and I now experience bliss in all areas of my life.

Wow! They are amazing results! What challenges have you overcome?

When I started with personal development it was a rough process. I was looking for immediate results!!! But within a matter of days, I started to see changes in me and in my situations. I began to rise above my emotions and seek out the leading authorities in my industry and the things that I wanted to accomplish. I’m now totally positive about the future!

So... I have to ask... what articles on Personal Development Planet do you like?

How to Master Your Mind. I read this article every day! I love your Law of Attraction Articles too. I read them every day as well and put them into practice. All of your articles are powerful and activating. When I read them, I get motivated and I began to implement what I learn. For example, a few days ago I attended an event and I decided to take control of my thoughts. I said, “when I leave this meeting I will have new real estate clients that will be ready to close on real estate deals”. I meditated on your article for about three days to get my dominant thoughts to override any negativity. When I left the meeting on July 14, I left with three clients!! At the time of this writing I have one under contract and confirmed meetings with the other two. Within forty eight hours, I am meeting with another client from the client that I have under contract. He called me at 12 noon and we met exactly two hours later for consultation. Also, the mediatation first thing in the morning has yielded amazing results. I am able to command my day and really create the live that I truly want. I love this entire process, it's amazing to me.

What a story! Latisha is an amazing woman – and this should show you that with focus, belief and clear goals, you can achieve something similar.

Latisha – well done – you deservedly have the crown of Swagger of the Month! Keep up the amazing work!!!

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