Philosophers Notes Review

( On Video, No Less ... !! )

Loads of you signed up to this after reading my Philosophers Notes Review here at Personal Development Planet a few weeks ago. Awesome - and not just for the dollars I earned ;) If you did, I trust you're loving them as much as me.

Here's a video review for those of you who have (a) yet to sign up, (b) haven't read my original review, (c) need a bit more information before you're convinced.

This video should hopefully be entertaining, make you laugh, and most of all help you decide whether $47 for the wisdom of 100 of the greatest books of all time is good value (clue - it is ;)

Here's me ranting and raving then:

*Sign Up for Philosophers Notes Now @ $47*

Get more info or sign up for One Free Note
Read my original Philosophers Note Review

Spread the love people - and enjoy - they truly are awesome ;)

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