NLP Practitioner Course
with Tom Mackay

Day 7 - Notes

Ah, the final day of the NLP Practitioner course...! I had a great time helping coach the course, and have committed to becoming a qualified NLP trainer myself within the next seven months so I can do more of this kind of "work"!

We finished up with the powerful NLP Phobia Cure, and also learned how to insert a goal into our future. Both techniques are great fun and surprisingly effective - give them a go today!

Phobia Cure

A phobia is an example of your brain's AMAZING capacity to learn – normally from a one-time learning too. One of the few things we never forget is that we have a phobia! A phobia causes an intense physical and psychological reaction, and can cause people a massive amount of trouble.

With the NLP phobia cure we look to break-up the pathways in the brain that caused the association in the first place. The thing with phobias is that every time you AVOID the trigger, you intensify it and MAKE IT WORSE. Therefore, phobias tend to get more and more embedded over time.

The NLP Phobia Cure plays on the fact that most people try to avoid THINKING about the object of their phobia at any cost, by using DOUBLE DISSOCIATION to allow the person to watch themselves watching a movie screen of the thing they are afraid of!

You get the client watching themselves, watching a screen of the FIRST TIME they had the phobic response (if they can't remember the first time, try the earliest you can remember, or the most intense).

The film the client plays must start safe, move onto the phobia, and then END SAFE too once the “danger” has passed.

After the film ends, you float into the screen when you are safe, and then REWIND the film to the beginning as quick as you can, and play some SILLY MUSIC in the background at the same time. You want to make it as surreal as possible.

Then you float out, back into the projection room, and play the movie again. Then, when safe, float into the image, rewind it as quick as you can playing the silly music, and float out again. REPEAT as many times as needed, as fast as you can.

Here's how:

1)Stack a “safety” anchor for a calm, resourceful state. This is just in case the person reacts wrong and needs bailing out.

2)Ask - “how do you know how to get this response?”

3)Take the earliest memory of the phobia possible – the first event if at all possible.

4)Make a movie screen, sit in the cinema, and then float out into the projection room. Look at yourself sitting in the cinema.

5)Watch yourself watching the film. Play the movie in black and white – start it in a safe place, watch the phobia, then end in a safe place. Reassure yourself that you are fine! You are safe! You are a survivor!

6)Then float into end frame of the film and rewind the image in colour as fast as you can whilst playing silly music.

7)Float back into the projection room.

8)Watch yourself watching the screen. Play the film again from safe place to safe place, and continue to repeat previous steps, getting faster and faster.

9)When reaction seems to lessen, break state and then test and future pace. If cured, great! If lessened, try again with a different memory.

New Behaviour Generator

Excellent at helping you to rehearse new situations and actions. What you make real to the mind, you make real to the body too.

1)Run a movie of an expert in this particular field of an expert doing the desired behaviour. The more detail the better!

2)Run movie again, but this time with yourself superimposed over / in place of the expert

3)Repeat one and two until movements are right

4)Run movie again – associated – and see what you can see, feel what you feel, hear what you hear

Putting a Goal into Your Future

Here we insert a goal into our future to help our unconscious with a timeframe. The first time I tried this, I increased my monthly income by 200% in three months – I kid you not! Give it a go and see just how powerful it can be.

1)Know your outcome and make sure it is well formed

2)Think of the last step that lets you know you have it

3)Make an internal representation of the outcome (see, hear, feel)

4)Step into the internal representation, ASSOCIATED, adjust the submodalities so it is as compelling as possible.

5)Step out, DISSOCIATE, see yourself in the picture

6)Take the internal representation and float up above now

7)Energise it with 4 deep breaths, blow energy into it

8)float out into the future – notice the steps you are taking along the way

9)insert the rep into the timeline

10) Break state, test and future pace!

Well, that's it for an amazing week at the NLP Practitioner course. If you'd like to do the course yourself, I'd highly recommend Tom Mackay as a very knowlegable, caring and enthusiastic NLP trainer. Everyone on the course got a strong ROI and thought of Tom very highly. If you send me an email I'll be able to get you a discount too!

Otherwise, keep practicing NLP and learn how to make instant changes to your life! It's absolutely worth the effort.

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