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First and foremost, thanks for subscribing. You are personally awesome and you honestly make building this site a joy. It really is all for you – so if you have any questions, feedback or advice, please get in touch.

I guess the reason you clicked the link was because you’re intrigued to find out a little bit about me and my aims for Personal Development Planet. This page is exclusively for you – and should answer a few questions that you probably have.

To begin, my name is Carl Harvey and I started this site in March 2009. My main intention is to preach the Personal Development gospel to as many people as possible – and namely, people like me who I feel I can impact the most: young-ish, ambitious and wanting to do & achieve more with their lives.

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My overall aim is to help personal development to be seen as something... mainstream... in the sense that everyone can benefit - yet still promote it as exciting and brave, as a tool that clever folk use to get ahead and achieve better results. In short, my big goal is to start a personal development revolution in the UK and Europe.

At the moment, I fear that - particularly in the UK – anyone who does this kind of “self help” stuff is perceived as, at best, eccentric, and at worst, a depressed lunatic. Apologies in advance if this is you.

Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth – personal development helps people to excel, reach goals and live a happier and more meaningful life – ambitions that a majority of people harbour.

Why Me?

I’ve been into personal development myself for the last couple of years, and it has really turned my life around. I’m earning twice as much for half the work, am more confident and assured than I’ve ever been... but most of all, I’m finally happy. To summarise a rather long tale, I used to be angry, miserable, depressed and, for want of a better phrase, an ungrateful sod.

As such, I’ve experienced firsthand the impact of changing my thoughts to achieve more success – and this stuff works, it really works... and it’s so simple too. As such, my mission now is to get as many people as possible interested in self growth as possible.

I’ve been to many personal development workshops and seminars, however, and I’ve seen firsthand how some unscrupulous people can use the promise of greater success as a means to hijack money from gullible folks. Rather than teaching these people how to take control of their own brains, they hard-sell expensive books and programmes that half of these people will never use. I vow never to do this – it makes me physically angry.

My plan for Personal Development Planet does include recommending and selling products and services– but they will only be products that I’ve personally used and found to be fantastic – and I will never sell you anything you don’t need. This is my resolute promise! I vow never to be evil – and you can call me on that.

Why Personal Development Planet?

I’ve got a lot to thank the field of personal development for, but it wasn’t easy for me to get going - I really had to struggle with a lot of the information out there.

I found personal development literature - with one or two notable exceptions - overly Americanised, full of get rich quick schemes, and lavished with over-the-top motivational hyperbole.

There wasn’t much “how to” information for someone who wanted an A-Z guide on what to do and where to start – instead, I kept being directed to expensive courses and products that I knew the referee had a financial stake in. I was at a bit of a loss.

In the end, I wound up spending a significant wedge of cash on books, DVDs, online courses, real-life courses, meditation machines, binaural beats and Lord knows what else. I’ve now spent thousands on sorting my life out – and a lot of that(but not all!) was on over-priced, poorly described junk.

One day, however, all this stuff just clicked into place. I started to feel amazing – as I realised that the things that really helped me were the simple principles that didn’t really cost much at all.

I instantly decided to make a website to share everything that I had learned – a website that was clear and concise and engaging – a website that helped people to avoid the same expensive mistakes that I made.

This is that website!

My Goals

The objectives of this site are as follows:

1) Become the premier provider of free, “how to”, personal development content on the web

2) Start a movement to make personal development appealing and accessible to the masses

3) Recommend the best products and services so nobody else has to waste money like I did

4) Don’t be evil and sell people stuff they don’t need or want

Where You Come In...

I hope that you will join me on this adventure. If you want to help, the best thing you could do for would be to forward my articles to your friends and recommend them to sign up to my newsletter. This will allow me to stay in touch as I build my “army” over the coming months.

Another way is to keep reading my articles and provide me with feedback – I’ve got a thick skin, so if you don’t like something, please tell me! You can use the “Contact Me” page on the left sidebar for this. I read and answer all emails personally!

If you’d like a more hands-on role in the Personal Development Revolution, please contact me and let me know your thoughts. I’m sure I’ll have a role for you in the coming months as this website – and its audience - grows.

I truly believe that this personal development stuff has the power to change lives – it has certainly changed mine. For me, it’s all about finding a way to communicate this message so that it resonates with people who wouldn’t normally be interested in personal development – and this is my aim. If you have any advice to share with me, please do get in touch.

Thanks again for your support – I really appreciate it - and Viva La Personal Development Revolution...!


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