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Viva La Personal Development Revolution - FREE Newsletter, Issue #001 -- How To Be Happy!
May 18, 2009


Hola, Bonjour and Welcome to the May edition of Viva La Personal Development Revolution – which also happens to be the first one ever.

First and foremost – a sincere thanks to all of you for taking the plunge and signing up. My website Personal Development Planet is still very much in its infancy – yet I have grand plans for it, and I’m thrilled that you’re a part of this from the very beginning. So first of all – a huge and genuine thanks for your support.

Equally, I know from experience that a lot of newsletters are full of recycled material and product pitches. I really don’t want to go down this path – which will only end with you hitting the “unsubscribe” button.

My aim is to provide you with compelling and original content that you want to read – and that you’ll pass on to your friends. I hope that I’ve achieved this!

As a quick plug now, if you’ve benefitted from my articles – or if you find them even mildly informative, entertaining or tolerable - please do spread some pro Personal Development Planet propaganda to similarly minded friends, relatives and compadres – it would be a huge favour and I shall love you forever and ever. I believe that this is the quickest and most effective way to grow this site and spread my message – so if you have a buddy you think might like it too, please invite them to have a look too.

May Newsletter - Contents

This is what you've got in this free newsletter:

1) How To Be Happy. This 2 part, 4000 word article gives you the top 10 tips for feeling happy on a day-to-day basis. Best of all, all the tips are free - so you don't have to spend a penny feeling better... today.

2) The Story Behind Personal Development Planet. If you're interested in my background, message or objectives, have a look at this.

3) Swagger of the Month! This ingenious and coveted award is given to anybody who uses my articles to achieve success in their own life. May's winner is Jamie Brown, who used my articles on visualisation to help him prepare for the most important presentation of his life and overcome his fear of public speaking - at a conference in Chicago.

4) Top 5 Articles on Personal Development Planet in April... as voted for by you, the people!

5) Contact me! I'd absolutely love to hear from you... so my details are at the bottom of this newsletter.

How To Be Happy

As promised, this newsletter contains some brand new, unique and free content – namely my two part article on How to be Happy, which I’ve just finished writing especially for you - my new subscribers.

I settled on this rather broad title as we all want to be happy – it’s just we’re often just not sure where to start.

To write this article, I spent a long time analysing exactly why my life has improved over the past year or so. I really tried to work out exactly what changed my whole perception of the world – and what has allowed me to get happy, focussed and start living my dreams. Luckily, I found out that the principles that really worked are universal – and as such, you will be able to use them in your own life to replicate my results.

I’ve split the article into two parts, as the content is quite detailed – nearly 4000 words in all. I hope you enjoy – and I’m sure that if you try out some of these ideas, you’ll definitely begin to feel happier and more confident to go after what you want in life too.

I’d love to hear your feedback – so please see the bottom of this mail for details on how to contact me too.

Read the articles here:

How to be Happy - Part One
How to be Happy - Part Two

The Story Behind
Personal Development Planet

I like a good story well told. That is the reason
I am sometimes forced to tell them myself

Mark Twain

Personal Development Planet is just a couple of months old, and as yet there is no “About Me” section on it. I’ve been so busy writing new content (about 25 articles so far, each between 1000-2000 words) that I haven’t had a chance to get my own story down.

Whilst some of you are happy just to read my articles and try out some of the ideas in your own life, I know that some of you will be a bit intrigued to find out the story behind it all too - and what my aims for this site are.

If you’re interested in finding out why I started this website, what my ambitious plans are and where you fit in – take a quick look at this article... It explains everything!

The Story Behind Personal Development Planet

Swagger Of The Month

There’s nothing that drives me more than having people try out my ideas - and then generate fantastic results.

As such, I thought a brilliant way of communicating this would be to award one of my readers with an unprecedented and utterly priceless honour - Swagger of the Month. This is a little reward - and a bit of publicity - for someone who has really benefitted from trying out my ideas.

May’s winner is Jamie Brown, who is a PHD student at the world-renowned Cambridge University. Jamie had to go to Chicago recently to present his research into autism to a bunch of senior academic types. This was the first time that Jamie had to present his findings to a group of people he didn’t know – and there was a huge amount of pressure on him to succeed.

Jamie was understandably a bit nervous beforehand and wanted to make sure he was in the best possible situation for his big day. Luckily, he stumbled across my articles on creative visualisation beforehand – and put the ideas into practice.

Needless to say, Jamie performed amazingly on the day – and you can read the full story below.

Swagger of the Month Winner - May 2009

If you’d like to be featured on Swagger Story of the Month, send me an email with a brief outline of what you did and which article helped you to do it – and you could be featured in next month’s newsletter! It really is that simple... and I'd love to hear stories of your success.

Top 5 Articles This Month

I thought it would be a good idea to use this newsletter to keep you up to date with most viewed articles on my website - to make sure you're up to speed with them all.

Here are the best 5 articles this month - according to the democratic vote of the people!

#1: Think Rich. Learn how to stop worrying about money and convince your subconscious that you have more cash than you do. Also contains a few practical tips on putting money away every month.

#2: Get Your Swagger Back. Learn how to get self-confident and have motivation on demand - using some NLP techniques. This article was picked up by - one of the busiest websites in the world.

#3: An Intro to NLP. This article introduces you to the key principles of NLP. If this is a bit basic for you, click through to this article and scroll to the bottom of the page - there are links to advanced concepts like Swish Patterns, Submodalities, Rapport and Body Language.

#4: Personal Values Development. Discovering your personal values - what drives you most in life - is the most important part of goal setting. Learn how to do it with this article.

#5: The Power of Creative Visualisation. Learn how visualising can be so powerful here with this introductory article on Creative Visualisation. There are links to advanced visualisation exercises here, too.

Thanks - and Hit Me Up!

Well, that’s it from me for now... Thank you for reading. I wanted to keep this first newsletter short and sweet – and I hope you’ve found it useful.

If you could spare a couple of minutes to contact me and let me know what you want to see from my site or this newsletter – or if you have any suggestions for any articles you’d like to see – please do so. I’m building this website for people like you, and your feedback would be invaluable. I have a thick skin, so if you want to have a moan - feel free!

I answer all emails personally, so if you want to get in touch Click Here to Email Me...!

Thanks again - you truly kick arse.

Viva La Personal Development Revolution!

Founder of Personal Development Planet

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