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Viva La Personal Development Revolution - FREE Newsletter, Issue #002 -- NLP!
June 28, 2009


Welcome to the June edition of Viva La Personal Development Revolution – I hope you're well and life is good.

This is the second edition of my newsletter. It's been a crazy month for me, with Personal Development Planet attracting over twice as many visitors in June than I got in May. The number of subscribers has trebled too - so if you're new, Welcome! Thanks for your support.

Anyway, on to this month's newsletter. I have just finished my NLP Practitioner training (which I passed with the highest distinction - quick plug!), so this edition is all about NLP. I had an awesome time, learnt some amazing techniques, and am definitely going to pursue a career in NLP training, as a supplement to this site. I've written a couple of articles for you, so you can do some NLP in your own life... now.

Make sure you stay subscribed, as there's lots of cool stuff coming in the next couple of months, including: A Free e-book, free NLP coaching (whilst I practice!), and I'm currently negotiating deals with the producers of the best personal development products on the market to get you discounts on the best meditation machines, hypnosis CDs, NLP courses, books and everything inbetween.

Without further ado, here's some new and exclusive NLP articles for you - and a little bit more too...

June Newsletter - Contents

This is what you've got in this free newsletter:

1) NLP Anchors. Anchoring is one of the quickest and easiest NLP techniques to learn. Basically, you attach a positive emotion (such as confidence or motivation) to a "trigger" - like rubbing two fingers together. The result? Feeling awesome on demand. This really works, and this article explains how.
Click here to read NLP Anchors...

2) NLP Rapport and Body Language. Ever had trouble getting a connection with people? Want other people to respond to you better? It's easy if you use some NLP techniques. Learn here how to connect with strangers and build better relationships.
Click here to read NLP Rapport and Body Language

3) NLP Submodalities This curiously named technqiue allows you to change the impact of memories, so you can make good memories stronger, and bad memories weaker. This can be done by making the pictures in your head bigger, brighter and more vivid... Learn more with this article.
Click here to read NLP Submodalities

4) NLP Swish Pattern Ah, the faboulously named Swish is a way to swap a negative image with a positive one, to help you to act in a better way. For example, if the thought of making a cold call chills you, you can swish away this picture and replace it with an image of you being confident, charming and powerful! This technique is a little complex, but bloody powerful. It's well worth a look, in my humble opinion!
Click here to find out more about the NLP Swish Pattern
Click here to learn how to do the NLP Swish Pattern

5) Top 5 Articles on Personal Development Planet in June... as voted for by you, the people! There has been no Iranian vote rigging here, I can assure you :-) Have a look at these to see if you've missed out on any free info.

#1: An Introduction to NLP. I promise this isn't a fix, NLP is just popular this month! This article is an overview of NLP, listing the main benefits and how it works. There's links to all of my other NLP articles at the bottom, too.

#2: Get Your Swagger Back. Learn how to get self-confident and have motivation on demand - using some NLP techniques. This article was picked up by - one of the busiest websites in the world.

#3: Media Influence. This article is a bit of a rant about the mainstream media, and advises you to be careful about how much of the news you take as gospel. Long story short - avoid reading the news if you can!

#4: Mind Habits. Our brains tend to jump between motivated and productive states, and lazy and miserable states. This article explains why - and gives you some ideas on how to take back control.

#5: The Benefits of Meditation. Surprisingly, this article is all about why meditating is good for you. If you've tried meditating and found it hard, don't worry, as soon I will be selling binaural beats - which are a technology that lets you meditate like a Zen Master... instantly... I kid you not...

5) Top 10 Countries who visited Personal Development Planet in June... I've had visitors from over 40 countries this month, which is bloody amazing. I've put a list here just in case you're interested in the company you keep! A few surprises in here...

1) US
2) UK - come on!
3) Australia
4) Japan
5) Germany
6) Canada
7) Czech Republic
8) Vietnam
9) Venezuela
10) South Africa

Well, that’s it from me for now... Thank you for reading. I really hope you find the info useful. I'd love to hear your feedback, so if you have 30 seconds to drop me an email, please do. Equally, if something isn't clear and you want some advice on your own personal development, I'd be happy to help out.

I answer all notes personally within 24 hours, so if you want to get in touch Click Here to Email Me.

Thanks again - and be excellent to each other. Boom!

Viva La Personal Development Revolution.

Founder of Personal Development Planet

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