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Quick Goals & Enlightenment - Viva La Personal Development Revolution - FREE Newsletter, Issue #004
August 27, 2009


Welcome to the August edition of Viva La Personal Development Revolution - I think you'll like this edition.

If you're new - welcome! Cheers for signing up, and enjoy this free newsletter. If you have any buddies you'd think would benefit, please do pass on this mail or get them to sign-up too. Also, welcome back old-timers ;-)

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The theme of this newsletter is Quick Goals and Enlightenment - quite a rogue choice, I concede, but it kind of sums up the crazy month I've had! If you either want to understand your true desires in life better, or experiment with accessing a magnificent, peaceful state, you should find this update rather timely.

I did the quick goal setting exercise below and got some brilliant insights into my brain in less than 30 minutes - and I've also been reading some crazy spiritual books and had a cheeky glimpse at the peaceful, joyous place called enlightenment again. This is perhaps the most addictive feeling on the planet, yet if you read the right stuff and are open to it, it's really quite easy to get a glimpse. After all, the gurus tell us that enlightenment is our "natural state". Try it out yourself with my new article below - if you get a peek at this state, you'll never be the same again.

Thanks as always for your support - you are all magnificent and truly fantastic. I really hope you try out the goal setting exercise in particular - it's designed to be done in only 10-30 minutes. Who knows - it could be the best investment you make in yourself for a little while!

So, without further ado, here's some new and exclusive articles for you - and a little bit more too...

August Newsletter - Contents

This is what you've got in this free newsletter:

1) Quick Goal Setting In Six Seriously Simple & Serendipitous Steps. We all know having goals is important, yet we rarely find the time to set them. Alternatively, if we do set them, we end up with vague, standardised goals that don't really inspire us to act.

But what if you could find a way to set goals that you truly, genuinely want to achieve? AND get a plan for reaching them? AND all in under 30 minutes?

Find out how in this brand new article. All you need is your brain, a promise to tell the truth (to yourself) and a pen & paper. I've made this super-easy for you - all you have to do is give it a go. Do it!!

Click here to read Quick Goal Setting

2) Enlightened Spirituality. Right, this may be a bit rogue for some of you, but my articles on spirituality are some of the most popular on my site - so who knows?!

Basically, I've been reading some crazy books this month (see below) that induce you into a state of enlightenment - which is essentially an awesome, peaceful place where your mind stops chattering and you feel an indescribable joy and sense of connectedness to everyone and everything.

It's about as hippy an article as I'm likely to write - but I've tried to distil the best parts of the books I've read and make them accessible for you. If this sounds intriguing to you, go somewhere quiet and read this article. If it resonates, buy the book below - it is powerful beyond measure!

Click here to read Enlightened Spirituality

3) The Power of Now - 30 Second Review If you enjoy the article above, this book truly has the potential to change your life (it has mine and countless of my friends).

It teaches you how the voice in your head is not you, how to stop it from running continuously, how to live in the moment and not create pain, why constantly thinking of the past and future is futile, and how to glimpse enlightenment every day. Best of all, the book is written in such a way that you are drawn into this magnificent state when you read. If you buy this and it doesn't dramatically change the way you think and act FOREVER, send me a note and I'll refund you personally. No kidding - this book has a 100% success rate.

Click here to buy The Power of Now from Amazon UK

4) Philosophy and Possibility Thinking. This is a new guest article from one of the most intelligent writers I've come across in a while, Sal from the Science of Success blog. In this exclusive article he talks about Plato and Aristotle and their views on life, and then argues how a modern thinker - Edward de Bono - has revolutionised how we use our brains to solve problems. This is a deep and insightful article, and perfect for anyone with an interest in philosophy or the human mind.

Click here to read Edward de Bono & Possibility Thinking

5) Meditate Deeply Tonight! Since I recommended Binaural Beats last month, loads of you had a go (around $10) and reported some frankly awesome feedback about how you effortlessly meditated, visualised and were put in an indescribable state of "legal high"!

If you missed out, do head over to the Unexplainable Store (my favourite - best value, best quality) and give them a go - they've just released some beats specifically for motivation and increased energy too. To be perfectly upfront with you, I do receive a small commission if you give them a go, which helps me to run this site. If you have any questions about them, just drop me an email (see how below) and I'll happily help you out.

Click here to go to Unexplainable Store
Click here to read more about Binaural Beats

Well, thatís it from me for now... Thank you again for being a part of this awesome and growing little community of ambitious and powerful superstars! Please do invite your friends and spread the word - it really helps!

Feedback? Questions? Advice? Criticism? Thoughts?
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Thanks again for reading - and be excellent to each other. Boom!

Founder of Personal Development Planet

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