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January 12, 2010

Yo yo yo!

A quick 2 minute update for you, full of juicy goodness. First thing - I've spruced up Personal Development Planet for you, and made it much easier to navigate and find stuff (at last!).

Sweet. I hope you're well and happy and charging through the start of 2010. Have you got your goals set? Are you sticking to them? (Nag nag nag!)

I've managed to stop smoking (thank the bloody Lord), which has had a massive impact on my level of well-being. If you smoke, read Alan Carr's book - it honestly makes it so easy to quit!

Anyway, a quick note for you. I'm off to Las Vegas tomorrow to attend Steve Pavlina's workshop with my wonderful lady (if you don't know, Pavlina is a bit of a crazy personal development guru), and I'm charged and excited. I'm visualising my upgrade I expect to receive from Virgin tomorrow at check-in ;-) Since my last note, loads of you have signed up for the frankly awesome Philosophers Notes. Now, I'm presuming that this is down to the fact that the concept is simply amazing, as opposed to my superior skills of persuasion ;-)

By the way, If you missed / ignored that mail (oi - how could you - don't be so bloody rude!), the basic principle is you get the wisdom of the best ever 100 personal development books, one per day, in around 15 minutes. Genius.

At the moment there is a 50 day challenge on which more than 1400 growth-orientated people are participating in. How does it work?

Basically, each day you take 15 minutes to read the top wisdom from a pre-selected book. You then post your comments on a blog (if you're so inclined). You do this every day for 50 days. You grow massively as a person. Er... that's it.

For those of you fabulous people who have had a look, the whole thing (100 books) is just $47. It's a f*cking steal, to paraphrase my mate Ross / the movie Lock Stock. You get a PDF and an MP3 for each book, so it doesn't matter if you prefer reading / listening / both (I'm doing both - but I'm a massive geek)

If you wanna get in on the challenge, you've only missed two (brilliant) days / books - 'The Four Agreements' on Day 1 (I hadn't heard of it but very good) and '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' today. Tomorrow is 'How to Stop Worrying and Start Living' and then it's 'Ask and It is Given' - all classics.

Anyway, take a look and see what you reckon. Honestly, this is a genius idea and you cannot fail to make MASSIVE leaps forward if you give it a go. There's a 60 day money back guarantee (blah blah blah) so, in effect, you could do the whole challenge and still decide to be a tight-arse and get your money back. Ha!

Have a wicked couple of weeks. I'll catch you after Vegas. Here's all the links you need...!

My Philosophers Notes Review
The Community's Feedback from Day One of the Challenge
Philosophers Notes Website - More info / Buy

Sweet. Peace out gangstas. Keep focussed and hungry and I'll catch you after Vegas.

Viva La Personal Development Revolution!


Oh, ps - if you know anyone who'd like my irreverent grumblings on self-growth, I'd massively appreciate if you could send them a link to my site / newsletter... It's all good karma! Thanks again... I'm out!!

PPS - Make my day - send me a love note - come on...!!

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