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Merry Christmas from Personal Development Planet! 10 Special Gifts for YOU!
December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!! I hope you're feeling suitably festive, and are looking forward to being fat and merry over the Christmas period. I've got an awesome newsletter for you today - a Christmas special with 10 key gifts for you! If you're new - WELCOME! - and if you're an old timer - WELCOME BACK - I do love you all...

It's been a crazy year for me this year, ending with me quitting my job and escaping the rat race! Woohoo! My focus in 2010 will be helping YOU to do the same (should you so wish), and to do so, I've reevaluated my focus for Personal Development Planet. I'll tell you all about it a little further on.

PS - Make sure to click "display images", as I like to spice up the text for you!

This Christmas Newsletter is PACKED full of awesomeness, including: A free goals workbook, articles to help you change your deepest beliefs, make you happy, install a success mindset, a new video from me, the best of PDP in 2010, and much more...! Read on, and let's get started...

Christmas 2009 Newsletter - Contents

This is what you've got in this free Christmas newsletter:

1) Awesome Goal Setting and Values Workbook. Boom! If you haven't seen this already, download a copy NOW!

It's a free 25 page workbook that will help you to clarify your goals and values - just in time for the new year.

It's been massively popular since I posted it a few weeks ago, and people have been emailing me to say that the questions REALLY hit a nerve. It will help you to prioritise EXACTLY what you want from life - and put together a plan to make it happen.

(Sorry about all the capitals - I'm getting a little excited)

Honestly, this is a great little freebie and is my first Christmas gift to you! If you take an hour to play with it over Christmas, you'll be absolutely raring to go for 2010 with your key goals written down and front of mind... Boom!

Click here to claim your FREE goal setting and values workbook NOW.

2) The Greatest Blog in the Short History of Blogs. My second gift to you is AWESOME - but is admittedly a bit of a plug too.


Go and have a look now if you could! It features all of my newest (and more advanced) articles, and by subscribing to it (or checking back frequently) you'll be firmly in the Personal Development Planet loop.

I'm always open to suggestions about what to write about, and you'll see below that in 2010 I'm refining my areas of focus. Be sure to visit my blog - I'm sure it will grow to be massively popular(!!) and you shall be amongst the lucky first to read it :-) (PS - thanks!)

Click here to visit the new Personal Development Planet Blog

3 - Treat Yourself to Binaural Beats on Steroids! I'll get straight to the point here. If you have an interest in personal development and the power of the human mind, and you have $15 in your bank account, treat yourself to some Isochronic Tones.

I could go on for hours about these things, but here are some of the key benefits: sleep better, open your mind, meditate like a pro, visualise easily, release endorphins, put a smile on your face, feel inner peace, takes no skill at all...!

Seriously. Give them a go, read my review for more details. This could feasibly be the best $15 you spend on yourself this year.

PS - they also help cure Christmas hangovers too!

Treat Yourself. It's Christmas! Get some Isochronic Tones today.

4 - Meet Me!
Now, this being a "gift" may be a creative interpretation on my behalf, but I have made a video that introduces you to me - and to the key aims for Personal Development Planet.

It's only 5 minutes long, and tells you all you need to know about my objectives - and how I can help you!

It's my first video (I'm going to make many more next year), so I hope you like it. Please bear in mind I wave my hands around like a lunatic when I talk. You have been warned!

5 - New Areas of Focus for Personal Development Planet

OK, this should DEFINITELY be a gift for you! I've gone through loads of feedback from you all, and I've decided to refine my focus for Personal Development Planet in 2010.

This will allow me to get into more detail about SPECIFIC things that I am good at, which will help you MORE - and get you QUICKER RESULTS! (There I go with the capitals again). Basically, I've realised that the things I'm good at fit into these categories, and by focusing specifically on these, I will provide more value to you... Boom!

My core areas of focus will now be beliefs, success mindset, happiness, and lifestyle design. Find out more about each topic below.

6 - Beliefs
OK, here we go... WHATEVER you believe to be true about yourself, tends to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Therefore, it makes sense that if I focus on helping you to CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS, your results will change too!

So, first and foremost next year, I will be showing you how to LET GO OF OLD BELIEFS and also INSTALL NEW ONES!

It really can be done... and the effects can be outstanding! Watch this spot for new articles that teach you exactly what to do, utilising the best technqiues from NLP and other methodologies.

Read my Existing Articles on Belief Now.

7 - Success Mindset
OK, so once you have installed new beliefs, it's time to UP YOUR GAME and create a mindset of success!

I've spent a lot of time annoying successful people to find out what makes them tick. Luckily, they do all tend to think in the same way, and when WE start thinking like that, WE GET THE SAME RESULTS!

These articles focus on the mindset of success, and will show you what I was thinking when I was earning over $25,000 per month working just three days a week! These principles are universal, and the sooner you start trying them out for size, the better.

Expect loads more articles on success next year, but until then visit my site to see what's already there.
Click here to read the Success Articles at Personal Development Planet.

8 - Happiness!

We ALL want to be happy.

I used to be miserable. I LEARNED how to be happy.

Now I'm sharing my lessons with you! I've read loads of spiritual stuff, from Taoism to Buddhism - and the good news is, it works!

The bad news is it can be quite tricky to comprehend, which is why I'm taking the teachings, adding a bit of cockney charm, and posting articles on happiness for you!

Really, happiness comes easy when you learn to "go with the flow" and enjoy yourself more. These articles will show you how!
Read Personal Development Planet's Happiness Articles Today.

9 - Lifestyle Design
OK, admittedly the term "lifestyle design" is a bit queer, but please forgive its usage and focus on the benefits it can bring to you!

Next year I'll be helping you to break free of social conditioning and start designing your dream life, allowing you greater freedom, happiness and wealth.

The thousand mile journey starts with the first step, so in the meantime check out my existing articles on lifestyle design, and get ready to start living ON YOUR TERMS in 2010.

Click here to read articles on Lifestyle Design.

10 - Most Popular Article of 2010!
Finally, check out the link above to see which of my articles on Personal Development Planet was the most popular with the masses!

(If you're a regular reader of my site, you probably won't be that surprised!)

This article has helped 1000s of people to get instant confidence on demand; a bounce in their step; and feel awesome, and it's no wonder that it's my most popular so far... Enjoy!

Anyway, that's it for me for the moment... Thank you so much for reading and subscribing! Have an awesome Christmas and new year. Get some goals set, and I'll see you in January. I'm gonna have some awesome stuff for you next year... IT'S GONNA BE BIG!

Much love to all of you. Viva La Personal Development Revolution!

Carl, Founder of Personal Development Planet.

PS - Click Here to Email Me.

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