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Law of Attraction "Saves Bob Proctor's Life"
March 23, 2010

What's cracking?

This is a super quick note for those of you have been watching Bob Proctor's videos over the past week or so. (You're in good company, 225,000 people around the world have also been watching!)

Maybe you know that Bob has been in hospital recently? In this video he talks publicly for the first time since his Heart Valve replacement.

Make sure to listen to the end, the things he shares at the end are amazing and could change the course of your life.

At the very least it's an inspiring, heart warming tale, and will help you to put things in perspective in your own life. (No Opt In Required!)


Talk soon, Carl

PS - You can get access to Bob's first three videos here -

PPS - Here's the new video again -

Have an awesome day... Go do yo' thang!

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