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Did 'The Secret' Let You Down? Here's 2 Videos to fix that...
March 17, 2010


It's Carl from Personal Development Planet here. I've got a couple of free videos for you that are gonna rock your world :)

First, this is the most important video I've ever sent you.

It is an interview with Bob Proctor and Lanny Morton, and in it Bob explains what the secret to life is. I watched this last night and I was blown away - I reckon you will be too.

No charge :-)

Second, this is (maybe!) the second most important video I've ever sent you(!!)

It's a 15 minute video I made today which shows you my unique and specific visualization technique, which I've used to help make me loads of cash, create online businesses, get my dream flat and dream job and lots more.

If you've ever had trouble visualizing before, or maybe you just want to reach your goals quicker, check it out:

I hope you like it! (If you do, please Stumble, Tweet, Facebook it - or whatever you trendy kids do these days :)

Third, go take a look at the new design of Personal Development Planet!

It's beautiful now!

To let you know, I have to manually implement the new design on every page, so some of the older articles still look like the old site. I hope you don't mind... It's gonna take me a month or two to get it all looking great!

Anyway, that's more than enough from me. I hope you have a great time watching these two awesome videos.

I'm off to an NLP course this weekend - I'm really excited. I hope everything is awesome in your world.

, if you ever have any questions related to your own personal development, send me a note - I love helping people (for free!) so let me know what's on your mind and I'll do what I can to give you some good advice.

Here's the links to those powerful videos again:

Bob Proctor on the meaning of life -

Carl Harvey's patented(!) visualization technique -

Speak soon, Carl

PPS - Make my day - send me a love note!

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