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April 14, 2011



I've got something fantastic to share with you today.

Me and a millionaire businessman have come up with an incredible, ambitious & frankly crazy idea: 

To bring the world's best teachers from personal development, spirituality & positive psychology together - and convince them to give away their best training. For free.

See what happened here - 2 minute video

That's right: we've decided we want to convince the most inspiring teachers we can find to give away the best bits of their life-changing video & audio training... 

And.... guess what?

We pulled it off. 

Some of the biggest names in the success, happiness and peace industries are rushing to take part in what's being called "the future of this industry".

Leaders from Personal Development, Brainwave Entrainment, Law of Attraction, NLP & spirituality, best-selling authors, self-esteem gurus & motivational leaders are already clamoring to be a part of this project, named "Stars of Wellbeing".

And I'm giving you an advance invitation to the first edition... all about MEANINGFUL WEALTH.

(That's like how to be RICH and HAPPY doing what you love - yep, it IS possible)

Click here to watch a 2 minute video and to sign up.


How it Works

Here's how the whole thing works. (It's all explained in the 2 minute video)

"Stars of Wellbeing" is a free, interactive hub. 

It's sent out once a week, and each edition contains incredible video & audio training from the most inspiring teachers in the world, worth $100s +.


We extract the most profound & insightful lessons, and break them down into bite-size chunks. Which means you get the BIGGEST possible breakthroughs, whilst investing the SMALLEST possible amount of time & energy.

(Plus, if you are particularly inspired by the teachers giving the free training, you can opt to get some of their products at a HUGE discount).

Sign up for Stars of Wellbeing now (it's free).



Also, when you sign up, you get $300+ of awesome MP3s to start listening to now.

I highly recommend you go take a look.

Thanks & enjoy,

Carl Harvey

PS - Yep, it's totally free training. EVERY WEEK. It's incredible. We are going out of our way to get some of the BIGGEST teachers in the world to give away their BEST content. I can't wait to send you the first copy tomorrow!

PPS - Tomorrow's edition includes over 30 minutes of incredible free video training, 3 chapters of a book, and discounts worth over 800 / $1400 !!! All for free. Sign up now.

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