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Most Content Ever from PD Planet - 7 Amazing Articles!
July 28, 2010

Big Love,

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Ooh - before I forget - my mate Diggy runs an excellent pers dev blog, and he's just launched his first eBook - Upgrade Reality. I've read it, it's awesome, and it's WELL worth checking out. And not just because I like the dude - you'll see when you take a look at the eBook.

OK, here's some more good stuff:

1) Free Visualization Video Series with Bob Proctor, John Assaraf & Joe Vitale.

There's a cool company called Mind Movies, which sells a cool kit so you can make your own little videos to help you manifest what you want.

They are currently doing a launch, so are offering (when you opt-in) a bloody awesome free video series on visualization, featuring some of the greats.

I just watched the 1st Bob Proctor video, it's pretty epic / inspiring. More videos to come (free) over the coming days.

Granted, they WILL try and sell you Mind Movies - but it's well worth signing up for the free stuff even if you have no intention of buying them.

Watch the Bob Proctor Visualization Video Now

2) 3 Ways To Effortlessly Influence Your Unconscious Mind

You've probably tried to "get motivated" or quit something in the past, but run out of steam. Maybe your unconscious mind wasn't fully on your team?

This article from PD Planet will show you 3 seriously simple ways you can start influencing your unconscious mind - Today.

Read 3 Ways To Effortlessly Influence Your Unconscious Mind now

3) 3 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why Writing Stuff Down Makes You Happier

This one is pretty simple - loads of clear, overwhelming evidence that buying a pen and paper will help you to experience a happier life.

If you want to be happier, just read this. And follow the simple steps. It could honestly change your enjoyment of life. (Just check the comments to see the impact it's had on some PD Planet readers)

Read 3 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why Writing Stuff Down Makes You Happier now

4) Review: How to Be Rich and Happy

Read my review of one of the most talked about personal development books this year - it's being called "The New Think and Grow Rich".

Best of all the authors are investing ALL of the profits of the book into giving away ONE MILLION copies to under-privileged people.

And - it will honestly make your life richer... Defined as "doing whatever you want, whenever you want". And - you'll help people less fortunate than yourselves.

You can't say fairer than that! It's an awesome book too.

Read my Review of How to Be Rich and Happy now

5) Do you want to work with me?

Since becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP, I've started coaching some readers of PD Planet - with awesome results. My last bit of feedback was "mind blowing!"

Basically, I'd love a chance to do the same with you. I can help motivate, inspire and encourage you - and help you to decide what you want - and go get it.

If you're not making the progress you dream of, reply to this email and we can have a free chat to see if I can help.

Basically, I'm offering:

Coaching Sessions - Work with me from 1 week to 12 months, and go and reach your goals.


2 Hour "Inception" Session A one-off session which will eliminate a limiting belief of your choice, and connect you with your purpose, using the most powerful NLP on the planet!!

Naturally, if you don't get awesome results, you don't pay. There's no risk - so let me know if you can imagine getting awesome results with me :)

6) Why You Should Buy Experiences, Not Stuff

Another well-researched article which describes how buying experiences - or spending money on other people - is actually FAR better for our happiness levels than buying Stuff (i.e. iPhones and Gadgets and Clothes, etc)

I'm not saying don't buy any Stuff - I'm saying don't by Stuff in the mistaken belief that it will make you happier. It won't. Read this and see why.

Read Why You Should Buy Experiences, Not Stuff, now

7) 3 Profound Life Lessons From Toy Story 3

Yep, I'm being serious :)

Toy Story 3 is a brilliant movie - with lots to teach about living a playful, purpose-filled life.

Find out the best bits in this fun, insightful article.

Read 3 Profound Life Lessons From Toy Story 3 now

That's it from me for today.

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Thanks so much. You really are awesome. I just can't deal with the logistics of running 2 PD Planets :( I'm going travelling for 6 months in a couple of months, and I will only have the time for ONE awesome website (and it IS awesome, go check it out)

All my new stuff will be at Sign up now, it's TOTALLY free, and you get loads of cool stuff.


I can't wait to see you over there!!

Mad love, I really hope your world is good, Carl

PS - If you haven't got them yet, Philosophers Notes RULE. :)

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