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I've got an eBook, Video, eCourse AND new site for you - Boom!
May 10, 2010


I hope everything is awesome in your world. I've got loads of powerful, free stuff for you today, including:

  • NLP School - my brand new NLP ebook
  • The Circle of Awesomeness Video - the most powerful NLP technique I've ever learned
  • The official launch of PD Planet - my new blog
  • Free "5 New Ways to See The World" 5 Week eCourse
  • 3 really powerful, consciousness-shifting articles

I know you're busy conquering the world, so I'll be brief and get you your goodies - now!

PD Planet Official Launch

First of all, thanks for being an awesome, much-appreciated supporter of Personal Development Planet. You rule...

... However ... The one downside of my current website is the lack of ability to get YOU involved.

So, I've set up a (beautiful!) new site called PD Planet.

It's gonna be packed with interactive, engaging posts and videos - and I REALLY WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF THE COMMUNITY!

When you read the (powerful!) posts, PLEASE add your thoughts in the comments. My aim is to build a cool, young community where we all help each other to make MASSIVE gains in our lives. Like the sound of that?

Plus, as a bonus, you get a FREE copy of "NLP School" - my new 40 page ebook. Boom!

Here' you'll learn 5 powerful NLP techniques - even if you're a total beginner. It will blow your mind :)

All you have to do is head on over to PD Planet and sign up in the box on the right.

The ebook will be delivered straight to you. As a special bonus, you'll also get my 5 week eCourse "5 New Ways To See The World" - delivered free, straight to your inbox.

You'll also get free updates when I post (about one article, and one video per week. Enough to keep you interested, but not enough to overwhelm you).

So... go on... do me (and maybe yourself?!) a huge favour and head over to PD Planet now and get all your free goodies!

Thanks for all the love and support, you rock :)

The Circle of Awesomeness VIDEO

I just made this - a 10 minute video of my favourite, most powerful NLP technique. I call it The Circle of Awesomeness.

You'll learn how to feel MASSIVE confidence now - by using your friends as inspiration... (Don't worry, you'll understand when you watch the video).

I really think you'll gain huge value from watching this.

New Articles

Here's 3 powerful, consciousness-shifting articles too:

(1) Shift in Consciousness - Learn how to experience the world in a new, life-changing way.

(2) The Illusion of Perceived Urgency - Find out how to cut out a massive amount of stress / drama from your life.

(3) Mind Blowing NLP Influence - Learn this simple NLP language pattern and get what you want in less than 2 minutes - AFTER you have been told you can't have it!

There's loads for you there.

Basically, head over to PD Planet now to get all the goodness.

Simply sign up in the box on the right!

And - if you have a few seconds - please (oh pretty please!) leave me a comment!

The blog only launches today and it would be AMAZING to get loads of interesting, cool comments.

So - help me out - leave me a comment - and I'll love you forever.

I have nothing to sell you - I just genuinely want to build an amazing community - with you involved.

Thanks so much!


Check out PD Planet now. Boom.

Questions? Feedback? Contact me directly...

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