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It's Time. (Now!)
March 31, 2011


Note - if you already got this mail because you're signed up to my other list, please forgive me and ignore it!

Unless you've been living under a rock lately ... you'll probably have been watching the Mind Movies Videos over the past week or so.

I've really enjoyed recapping & refreshing my knowledge on Visualization & Manifestation - from some of the world's top Law of Attraction gurus - Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale... etc.

In case you missed the videos, I'd say my key learnings are:

1) It's all about the EMOTION. You gotta send out the right vibes. When you FEEL strong positive emotions, you tend to "attract" more of the results you want. So make FEELING strong positive emotions your number 1 goal.

2) REPETITION is key. Saturate your mind with what you want. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Don't visualize once and then go back to worrying. Instead, imagine in detail the life you desire EVERY DAY. God, do it twice a day. Do it until your Reticular Activating System (RAS) kicks in. (You'll know when as you'll start FEELING different).

3) Sometimes we all need a bit of help. Whether it's guided audio recordings, vision boards, keeping a journal, or making a Mind Movie, it's useful - and totally worthwhile - to make your visualization a MULTI-SENSORY experience. The more senses you use, the stronger EMOTIONS you'll feel, and the more you'll REPEAT your visualization...

... Until you get what you want.

So... with that in mind... the rather marvellous Mind Movies version 2.1 (which apparently means it's 100% simple & idiot proof) has just gone on sale here.

Basically this allows you to create LIVE video visualizations, with music, affirmations, subliminal messaging... and more.

Then you watch your mind movie twice a day.

That gives you STRONG positive emotions (see point 1, above)

The repetition gets you even more focussed (see point 2, above)

And it saturates your senses - sight, sound, emotions (see point 3, above).

It's about $100. Maybe a bit less (I don't need it as I already have Mind Movies from last year)

I give it a big "thumbs up"... particularly if you struggle to stay happy, focussed & STRONGLY motivated on your goals.

Oh, a full guarantee / refund applies, etc. They're good people. So if you don't love it you'll get your money back.

But - you probably won't want to. It's a pretty inspiring bit of kit :)

Anyway - no worries if it's not for you. Find another way to incorporate the 3 learnings (above). That's really all that matters.

For those of you who get it - great stuff - it makes it all a lot easier... and do let me know how you get on!

Get Mind Movies 2.1 NOW



PS - there's all kinds of bonuses including a free live seminar with all the top gurus for the first people to buy - check out the Mind Movies Page Here Questions / Support

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