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If You Find Visualising Tricky, Try This...
August 05, 2010

Big Love,

If you find visualising "hard work", I've got something of interest for ya.

Basically, Mind Movies 2.0 launches... er... now.

Go check Mind Movies 2.0 out now

Lots of you signed up for the free videos by Bob Proctor and crew, but if you missed it...

... Mind Movies is a cool bit of kit which allows you to create your own "Visualisation Movies".

If you're crap at visualisation, instead you can create these awesome little movies which feature all your goals, put a banging soundtrack on them, and pack them full of affirmations (and more)

It's proper easy to use - click, drag, drop = Movie

It's launching today and the standard marketing blurb is there are "limited numbers" (not sure about that) and big bonuses (yep, that's true)

No hard sell from me, but this is a super cool product which will help you to get closer to your chosen dream life. Go over to the site and hear the awesome testimonial from legendary Old Boy Bob Proctor... he likes 'em, and for what it's worth, I do too :)

There's also a video which shows you the whole thing - it's pretty darn sweet!

Go check Mind Movies 2.0 out now

That's it - over to you my friend.

Mad love,

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